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By , April 16, 2018 10:20 pm

Intel red Neusoft made intelligent cockpit platform launched in 2018 – Sohu technology wise things (public No.: zhidxcom) the | Mo Chi shadow things October 26th news, today’s red flag car, FAW Intel and Neusoft group held three party cooperation news release in Shanghai, announced the launch of a new project based on the field of automobile the launch vehicle cockpit system, C4-Alfus. Simply put, this car cockpit system will be a collection of a number of automotive intelligent technology, including automatic driving, car entertainment systems, security systems, etc.. Based on the three party cooperation are the red car to H7 models as the representative of the high-end products, the new Intel car networking chip lake, Neusoft atom Apollo has accumulated many years of experience in the development of vehicle electronics and mature technique and platform. Overall, the red flag and Neusoft, respectively, on behalf of the two forces in the field of automotive and software in China, while Intel is one of the world’s Internet chip providers, this cooperation is very meaningful. Neusoft group chief technology officer said it was the first project in cooperation with Intel, red flag three parties. According to the wisdom of things after the interview with three party executives, 2018, C4-Alfus will be used in the red flag H7 and subsequent models. The atom Apollo Lake chip is now at the stage of the sample, the official business to be in the first half of next year. The main features of the C4-Alfus cockpit system is currently the four hot spots in the automotive field are: electric, intelligent, interconnected, shared. C4-Alfus this cockpit system involves several hot areas. The evolution of the automotive computing platform is now shifting from a decentralized to a mobile computing platform. The interpretation scheme of the technical director of the Ministry of military Meng from the perspective of Neusoft automotive electronic solutions, 4 C C4-Alfus the cockpit system refer to Cockpit (multi screen interactive), Combination (fusion), Connectivity (interoperability), Cloud (cloud computing). Specific embodiment is: Cockpit: multi screen interaction, integration of information inside and outside the car, intelligent cockpit system. For example, in the entertainment (central control, driving the rear seat interaction), control, navigation, instrumentation, security, integration and other aspects of the formation of multi screen interaction. Combination: integration of multiple resources to enhance the user experience. Is an open platform, access to third party applications and services integration. Through virtualization technology, the cockpit of the various systems, such as third party applications, vehicle applications, Cluster, ADAS systems, such as the allocation of processors; the use of virtualization technology to support multiple operating systems. Connectivity: through the interconnection architecture, to achieve seamless connectivity platform, connected with the external LTE and V2X through the Ethernet connection; by CAN, electric car; ADAS contains around 5 cameras, entertainment is based on Bluetooth technology. Cloud: Open Cloud applications.相关的主题文章:

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