Intel announced a new round of artificial intelligence market layout accelerate product development

By , November 17, 2017 10:51 pm

Intel announced a new round of artificial intelligence to accelerate the development of the layout of the market products – Sohu [Technews] new technology technology leader Intel semiconductor (Intel) in 17 released a series from the edge of the network (edge) to the data center of the products, technology and investment. Its purpose is to help expand the application of artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence; AI) territory expansion, and accelerate its growth rate. Intel pointed out that in the future will be to subvert the AI business model, as well as human interaction with the world. Therefore, Intel brings together the most extensive types of technical options, the ability to expand the application of AI in various aspects, including intelligent plant, UAV, sports, fraud prevention and self drive, etc.. In an industry forum held by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Intel elaborated the development prospects and complexity of AI. In addition to the future needs of a range of advanced technology for the user to choose, but also must expand its industrial system, incorporated into other early AI did not use the industry. With the complexity of various algorithms, the database is also required to become increasingly large, Brian Krzanich said Intel must have the necessary assets and expertise to promote the transformation of this operation. In a number of projects announced by Intel, according to the AI field will launch the industry’s full range of products Intel Nervana platform. Intel stressed that the basis of series products of the platform can be used as a highly optimized AI solution, to assist more information professionals using industry standard technology to solve the most difficult challenges of global. In addition, Intel also revealed breakthrough technology from Nervana, the future will be integrated into the product blueprint details. That is, Intel will be the first half of 2017 to test the first code named Lake Crest chip, and in the same year will be available to the main customers. In addition, Intel also announced another code product blueprint for the new product Knights Crest, this product is closely combined with the Intel Xeon processor and Nervana technology, the Lake Crest special optimized for neural network. Further deep learning provides the highest efficiency, but also through the high bandwidth interconnect provides hitherto unknown operation density. In addition, Intel also announced that the new generation of Intel Xeon Phi processor will be expected to provide 4 times faster performance than the previous generation processor, and is expected to ask the city in 2017. In addition, Intel also announced the beginning of the supply of a new generation of cloud services provider Intel Xeon processor’s initial version. By the AVX-512 instruction set to accelerate the integration of technology evolution, so that the Intel Xeon processor will greatly enhance the machine learning相关的主题文章:

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