Indonesia’s largest military exercises in the South China Sea, said China is not provocative ddrtys

By , November 16, 2017 4:53 pm

Indonesia said Chinese data not provoking the largest military exercise held in the South China Sea: Indonesia fighter Reference News Network October 7 reported according to foreign media reports, the Indonesian air force 6 days in Natuna Islands near the beginning of the history of the largest military exercise since this area is located in the China claimed sovereignty over the region edge. According to voice of America radio website reported on October 6th, Indonesia’s foreign minister Retno said on the 5, held this week in close to territorial disputes in the South China Sea Chinese military exercises are not provocative, because it is a routine exercise in Indonesia waters. Officials said the Indonesian air force 6 days in Natuna Islands near the beginning of the history of the largest military exercise, is mainly put on a show in the sovereign area rich in oil and gas resources, this area is located in the Chinese region claimed sovereignty over the edge. A hitherto unknown action start Indonesia President Djoko four months ago, to support near Natuna Islands fishery, mining and oil and gas defense facilities. Before that, there was a series of confrontations between the Indonesian navy and Chinese fishing boats. Reported that the China Indonesia to Natuna Islands’s sovereignty claim no dispute, but Chinese said the two countries said in Indonesia are overlapping Natuna sea sea claims, "angered indonesia. Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno said: "I want to stress that this is not the first or only military exercise in indonesia. We have many exercises, and exercises in Indonesia territory, not in Chinese in the South China Sea, but this is a part of Natuna sea, Indonesia territory." According to the "Jane’s Defence Weekly" reported that the 6 day exercise plan is an air raid on the island Natuna "simulate and recapture a occupied runway". The islands are close to China’s claims of sovereignty. Indonesian air force spokesman said: we want to show our presence in the sea, we have good enough air force to play a deterrent role." About two thousand military personnel will participate in the exercise. The exercises will include special ground troops, transport planes, helicopters and fighter jets. Indonesia congressional defense committee chairman Dan multidimensional · Yahya told VOA, Jakarta recently appropriated $35 million to strengthen the Natuna sea military base.相关的主题文章:

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