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By , November 14, 2017 10:02 pm

Yesterday, the former village of   (reporter Zhu Songmei) yesterday, the North business center of the Alibaba officially settled in Wangjing, science and technology business innovation zone. The old village with illegally built everywhere, overgrown weeds in urban and rural areas, in just 7 years, it became a shining name card Beijing portal areas, more than one hundred well-known enterprises, with total registered capital of over 15 billion yuan. Wangjing science and technology innovation business district has become the city’s second CBD". Northeast Chaoyang, from the capital airport only 10 kilometers, Dawangjing village is located in this century. Although hold into the portal, but it is still far away from the world: with the expansion of the city and the population influx, Sidaluanjian gradually occupied the village, many villagers rely on "tile economy life". At that time, with the bumpy road, dilapidated cottage and weeds, composed of all the people impression of Wangjing. With the integration of urban and rural transformation, 2009, Dawangjing village started the demolition. 2011, big Wangjing science and technology business innovation zone was officially written in the city, in 12th Five-Year, planning for the high-end international science and technology business innovation city complex, with a total investment of nearly 30 billion yuan. The business district will focus on the introduction of well-known corporate headquarters, R & D center and settlement center, settled enterprises can enjoy the preferential policies of the state, but also superimposed enjoy Beijing city and Chaoyang District and Zhongguancun preferential policies. 97 hectares of land, the transformation of the engine strong start, shuttle shuttle excavator remodeling the foot of the land. After the demolition vacate a unique, ultra high rise office building. Airport high speed 260 meters west of Poly International Plaza, is the first delivery of super grade A office space, another good name called "diamond lantern". It is shaped like a thin paper lanterns, the facade is also designed with prism like diamond cutting surface, from morning to evening, there is always a light reflection prism. The four time, "Diamond lanterns were lit, the more clear. Just completed, "Diamond lantern" has become a landmark of the portal area to beijing. And diamond lanterns, as early as the beginning of the construction, the office of the big Wangjing is positioned as a landmark grade A office space, created by world-renowned designers. Green Center, Pohang center, Wangjing SOHO, Wangjing Raycom industry center…… A business building, provide first-class office environment and supporting facilities for the world’s top 500 enterprises. Wangjing science and technology innovation business district built 3 urban trunk road and the 8 internal roads. 3 main roads are Wangjing, Wangjing and the loop in outer loop runs through the business district of new Wangjing road; 8 Road business district is divided into the checkerboard. They and the adjacent ring road, airport expressway, Beijing Chengde, Beijing road traffic artery, weaving together a convenient traffic network. Different from the people the impression of a "concrete jungle" CBD, in the Wangjing science and technology innovation business district, eyepleasing green and smart water is not uncommon, 97 hectares of green business district, is accounted for less than 35 hectares. Big Wangjing Village相关的主题文章:

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