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By , November 19, 2017 1:05 am

In the history of the most powerful nuclear explosion called defend the dignity of the country – Sohu news [Global Times reported] September 9th is the 68 anniversary of the anniversary of the founding of North korea. To celebrate the national day, North Korea held a series of activities. After this year, the Labor Party Seventh Congress, North Korea launched a "200 day battle", ask you to work overtime in 200 days. On the 9 day during the "200 day battle", but Pyongyang city is a day off, many people spontaneously go to the leader before the statue and portraits presented wreaths, flowers and flowers, many square of Pyongyang City, many people in the music accompaniment to dance and sing, the atmosphere is very warm. In the United States and South Korea and other countries, they are more concerned about the military movements of North Korea the same day, because North Korea has a show of military strength in the important festival tradition". Sure enough, Pyongyang time 13 (Beijing time 12:30), North Korea’s CCTV and other media to suspend normal programs, broadcast the news of the nuclear test. According to reports, on North Korea’s nuclear weapons on the day issued the following statement: North Korea’s nuclear weapons research scientists and technical workers according to the construction of strategic nuclear force North Korea Labor Party, the nuclear explosion tests of nuclear warheads aimed at the identification of new power development in the northern part of the nuclear test site. The statement said, due to the realization of a nuclear warhead standardization, North Korea fully mastered the production of a variety of fissile material and its application technology, any on-demand manufacturing a variety of small lightweight, strike force to a greater variety of nuclear warheads, North Korea’s nuclear weapons completely reached a higher level. The statement also said that the United States and other hostile forces as a strategic position stubbornly denied North Korea nuclear countries, criticized North Korea’s sinister self-defense exercise. The nuclear warhead explosion test is a part of the substantive measures according to their threats and sanctions taken, showing North Korea of the party and the people of such a super hard will: North Korea is ready to fight against the invading enemy head-on. North Korea will continue to strengthen the quality from two aspects from the United States become aggravated the threat of nuclear war to defend their dignity and rights, maintain the real peace national nuclear force. Due to the holiday, "Global Times" reporter to ask the relevant departments to contact North Korea’s nuclear test, the reporter tried to interview the streets of Pyongyang people, but all citizens refused to answer questions about nuclear test. In addition to the statement of the Institute for nuclear weapons, North Korean media on the day there is no other information on nuclear tests. "Labor News" on the 9 front page editorial is "our republic as having lofty dignity and powerful socialist country unbeaten will always momentum renowned". North Korea announced the news 4 hours after the nuclear test. Prior to this, the outside world has been measured to North Korea Fenxi near the 9 morning 5 earthquake occurred, and that the earthquake is likely to lead to a nuclear test. South Korean Defense Ministry officials said that South Korea initially believes that North Korea conducted a fifth nuclear test explosion equivalent to 10 thousand tons, is the North Korean nuclear test in the previous one of the largest. It is understood that the North Korea nuclear test site Fenxi located southwest of Jilin Chinese Yanji City, only more than and 100 km distance Chinese border. Ms. Zhu Yanji city.相关的主题文章:

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