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In the beauty of Changzhou, like Tali Qingfeng Fudu Yuan Hotel – Sohu like tourism hotel, often to fly friends in Thailand, the general impression of the hotel group from Thailand, in Chinese has opened several stores, a Changzhou has three home like the hotel. Like is like the Tali, top brand hotel, the Changzhou hi Telek Qingfeng Fudu Court Hotel, originally called Qingfeng Garden Hotel Changzhou is rich, the hotel, the hotel corridor hung in a photo of leadership. The hotel in Qingfeng Park in the city park, originally did not expect what field, play, play is very high, the scenery is also building and outside the flirtatious bitch is not the same, the area is a well-known Changzhou free park, a Jinghong Road, 100 meters high spray, artificial beach and so many attractions. Completely in Qingfeng Park in hi park landscape and have the best day, location, room window to see the trees and lotus pond, good to hear or see the moment. The hotel is only three storeys high, with a total of 4 buildings. 5 VIP Building and the other three buildings do not border, this building is particularly western style decoration, only the lobby on the three. Swimming pool is also in this building, although the decoration is a bit old, but the large enough to kill a lot of the hotel area, compared to the Nuevo Hotel now deliberately built a shallow pool, where you can also swim deep. The check-in hall on the 2 floor, the lobby playing Thai music, filled with Thai fragrance. The basic room to live in, the standard configuration and those with the same level of international big hotel than did not lack, can think of are provided. Room decoration retro elegant, thick carpet. Super big bed, comfort is excellent. The quiet environment brings a night of extreme sleep. Draw the curtain of the moment is a day of good mood. Restaurant has an outdoor platform, the face of the lotus pond to eat breakfast. 2016-9-9 01:11 upload and download attachments (311.52 KB) set for the cover of a high degree of freedom to play the park, living in a comfortable hotel, why go to crowded spots? Brief introduction: Shanghai tourism —————————————– fly teahouse place consulting subsidiary of the travel network () to fly off the teahouse was formally established in August 2009, has become a famous tourist community often Chinese. In this big family, frequent travelers can share the experience of sharing the airline and the hotel’s frequent flyer program, so as to make better use of the frequent flyer program and enjoy a better journey. For now the teahouse brings together a large number of airlines, hotels, travel credit card of well-known experts and experienced the Master. App is a prerequisite for millions of mobile phone to fly off the teahouse regular passenger travel book, high-end tourist travel self-help pocket book artifact. Including the official website of the hotel reservation, air tickets booking, credit card knowledge. 2016 new revision相关的主题文章:

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