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By , April 16, 2018 7:39 pm

In response to "The Belt and Road" initiative of the Kampuchea governor of Siem Reap led a delegation to Hainan news agency, China Merchants new network – in August 25 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Guan Xiangdong Zhang Qianyi) Kampuchea Siem Reap province governor Kenvenson 25 day Siem Reap Provincial Tourism Bureau, Kampuchea Chinese chamber of Commerce of Siem Reap Province branch and other departments in Hainan Province in the country to carry out investment promotion activities. Ken wensong said, looking forward to Hainan entrepreneurs to invest in Siem Reap, the development of tourism and agricultural cooperation in various fields. The governor of Hainan province Liu Cigui and Kampuchea governor of Siem Reap province Kenvenson 24 evening in Haikou on behalf of the two provincial government signed the "letter of intent to establish friendly relations,". The two sides agreed on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, mutual promotion between the two provincial people’s friendly exchanges and economic and trade exchanges, and actively carry out tourism, agriculture, fisheries, culture, education and other fields of communication and cooperation. Ken wensong said, "in China Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, drive around the country has achieved a substantial development, taking Siem Reap Province as an example, in recent years the rapid development of tourism and agriculture, airports and other infrastructure is becoming more and more perfect. I hope the two sides will further seize the "The Belt and Road construction opportunities, strengthen pragmatic cooperation in various fields of industry, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win. Siem Reap Province, the investment in Hainan is mainly in tourism, agriculture and construction of new satellite city. Kenvenson in the promotion conference, there are thousands of temples and monuments and cultural heritage of Siem Reap, the more than and 20 has a history of 1000 years of the temple open for tourists. In addition to the world cultural heritage Angkor Wat, and the Tonle Sap Lake natural scenery scenic spot, attracts lots of tourists in Siem Reap in 2015, the total number of visitors more than 5 million passengers. Today, China is investing in the renovation of the two Angkor Wat temples. "In agriculture, Siem Reap agricultural breeding technology level is not high, as a major tourism province, market supply and demand shortage." Ken wensong noted that demand of Siem Reap daily vegetables and meat were 60 tons and 100 tons, while the local farmers only a day 10 to 15 tons of vegetables. This is a very large investment potential for Hainan enterprises. With the increase in the amount of tourists in the future, large tourist attractions, playgrounds, hotels and restaurants and other tourism infrastructure needs to be improved, including a lot of business opportunities." Ken wensong said that Siem Reap province is currently planning the new satellite city of 400 hectares; on the Tonle Sap Lake planning and construction of port and hotel etc.. In addition, Ken wensong also expressed on the highway, railway, high-speed rail and other aspects of the development of the province’s intention. He said, Siem Reap currently has more than and 60 Chinese funded enterprises. With the assistance of the construction of the New International Airport in Siem Reap, the project has been approved by both sides in Cambodia, will be completed in three years. Phnom Penh to Siem Reap highway will also assist the construction by Chinese enterprises. Ken wensong introduced to Kampuchea investment, land tax, visa and other preferential policies. At the end of July this year, Haikou has opened direct flights to Siem Reap tourism, Phnom Penh’s charter, as of August 21st, Hainan through two routes to Kampuchea transport 5106 tourists. The director of the Siem Reap Provincial Tourism Bureau, said NgouvSengkak, the Siem Reap provincial government attaches importance to tourism service)相关的主题文章:

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