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In 2016 Chinese business services most investment value of the company, TOP50 Sohu in 2016 Chinese – voting open technology business services most investment value of the company TOP50 is jointly organized by IT and orange topology agency "transit times: 2016 business enterprises set up the annual list of venture capital summit. List of IT orange database and open data as the basis, adhering to the objective, fair and equitable principles, the establishment of the industry’s highly recognized authoritative enterprise service company investment value list. Enterprise era: 2016 enterprise services venture capital summit will release the following four corporate service heavy list. Among them, "the most investment value of the company TOP50" set up the public vote, the organizing committee is based on the IT database and orange public data, by the organizing committee after the audit released more than 70 finalists, and voted on November 15th to fully open channel. < transit times > enterprises; listed company??? < transit times > poll channel prices;??? [1], that the selection rules in order to ensure the fairness and integrity of the list, the selection of special open enterprise service company independent registration channel; list of finalists who meet the standards of the company, can be found in the vote site registration, vote. 2, the selection of work will be organized by the organizers, investment institutions and industry authorities and other experts set up an expert review group. 3, the selection of public voting session time: November 15th -12 month 5, 4, the results will be selected in the year of the enterprise in the era of the Internet: the venture capital summit of the 2016 corporate services in the announcement and awards in December 21, 2016. < > company independent enterprises transit times; sign up??? [1] list of criteria, the company’s main business is Internet plus business services, covering cloud computing, big data, human resources, marketing, office OA, legal services in areas such as taxation, developers, and the establishment of the company; 2 time after January 2013. The latest round of financing rounds for A rounds (including PreA and A+, 1-5 in the round) valuation billion (including 500 million yuan); 3, the product has been officially released, and existing users. < transit times > enterprises; activity??? (click on the picture to jump down), click the "read" the early bird to grab votes activities相关的主题文章:

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