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By , June 15, 2018 1:57 pm

Crafts-Hobbies Flying remote control helicopters is a relaxing and fun hobby enjoyed by millions of people, both young and old. There are several different types of remote control helicopters, ranging from simple, easy to fly models to .plex kits that must be assembled. This popular hobby need some levels of .mitment as well. Whether you’re looking for some weekend family fun with your RC helicopter or want to be.e an experienced, avid pilot, there are a some things to consider before purchasing your first remote control helicopter. 1. How much time do you want to .mit? Remote control helicopters are obtainable in several different styles and vary greatly in price. Ready to fly (RTF) styles are already assembled and .plete with all the .ponents. This type can be taken out of the box and played with straight away and is the best choice for beginners. Almost ready to fly (ARF) helicopters are almost 90 percent assembled, but still require some building and extra parts. Remote control helicopter kits are also obtainable and require total assembly, as well as an engine and transmitter. 2. Where will you operate your RC helicopter? Remote control helicopters also have many sizes. If you are looking for a fun and unique helicopter for indoors, there are micro remote control helicopters that are small enough you can hold them in your hand. Another option for indoor flying is an electric model. Electric remote control helicopters do not produce any harmful fumes or odors so they are suitable for large, open areas that are enclosed. If you want to on flying your remote control helicopter outside, you must consider the wind situation in your area. A bigger helicopter will offer more control in windy situation so a mini helicopter is not be the best type if you will fly in wind often. Helicopters with fixed pitch (FP) blades are suitable for novice pilots because they are cheaper, easier to use, and simpler to repair, but a collective pitch (CP) helicopter is much better for windy situation. 3. Electric or gas powered? Both types of RC helicopters have their plus and minus ponts, so how do you choose which is suitable for you? Electric helicopters are usually cheaper than gas ones and are easier to fly. They are the best choice for young pilots, and also for beginners. Electric powered helicopters run on batteries rather than smelly gas, therefore there are no fumes. Electric motors are also practically silent while operating, so this type of RC helicopter is very versatile and can be used almost anywhere. Gas powered RC helicopters are messier, very .plicates, and much louder than their cheaper electric counterparts, but gas remote control helicopters are generally the favorite model for experienced pilots. They are thought to be more realistic than electric models and give the pilot a chance to be more involved with the aircraft and how it functions. Gas powered helicopters are typically better for frequent use because the tank can easily be refilled rather than having to replace costly batteries or wait hours for a recharge. 4. How experienced are you? If you are new to flying remote control helicopters, you can begin with a good flight simulator software program designed for RC pilots. Flight instructors are also a good choice if you are very serious about the hobby. Novice pilots should pick an expensive remote control helicopter with easy to access spare parts. It is best to begin with a small, electric type because crashes are often inevitable in the learning process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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