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By , April 15, 2018 12:22 pm

I go home, are you waiting for me – Sohu entertainment you home. I was waiting for you in the cat in the cat called why not come here, it is really a very wonderful title…… Why not call "cat" it sounded a face Meng force, not what you made… This is the cat where? Or cats do not call? Really do not understand. Well, But, it’s obviously not the point.. All you need to know is that this is a film about the cat and that’s not just the "cat"…… They are the leading characters! Two cats propped up a play, you have any reason to refuse it?! – – – the protagonist of the film should not be sweet Oh dobby & Small & Black – – – meow two without warning into, and subtly changing men confused and tired heart lonely world. The man is not a good boxer, he doesn’t have a job. He works hard and never wins.. He has few friends, except for two cats. Later my brother to make him independent also cruel moved out of the house. So, when the Lord sad can only hold the cat crying…… You might think that everything is going to the direction of the vulgar inspirational film…… Well, do not encourage in fact, there is no spicy important ~, inspirational when you can eat? It is really can accompany ah ~ film is moving some of the small details, for the senior cat speaking is difficult to ignore such as: will turn to jump on your pillow, quilt 1 young kitten every night, will smell, touch your face with its claws…… If this happened to this, there are two such goods, playing really happy, the night you basically do not sleep. I ran all night dobby scratched my door…… I was trying to get him out of the window! 2 do not know when, a careless you are likely to step on the mine… So, the cat toilet must keep a good habit from childhood. To education, he grew up in a litter box (usually the cat shit in nature); as for the urine, and can also be solved together. The premise is the toilet must be washed clean, otherwise the cats have cleanliness of biological must be present! As long as he is not happy, you can free to pull poo in any place where you can see, it is because you have no official as shoveled shit his toilet clean! But like my goose, dobby bred cats, usually in the face相关的主题文章:

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