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"I’m not" elite sugar young lovers love set "goal" – whether it is "mutual entertainment Sohu" in the Tang Dynasty, "at the beginning of my forehead, a flower in front of drama. Lang riding around the bed plum. Long dry cohabitation, two little better description ", or suspicion" Liangxiaowucai "in the film, Daniel and Le Di, pure and beautiful love story is always beautiful childhood sweetheart. CO produced by the Tianjin blue film and television media Limited, Beijing hualubaina television Limited by Share Ltd, Dongyou Shimotochi media Limited by Share Ltd, directed by renowned director Liu Xin, author of the original gold screenwriter personally urban life drama "my youth topic not elite", played by ray Joni Deng Jiajia’s crystal and M Wei will bring a love story to the audience some childhood sweetheart. Currently, the play is hot in Beijing. "Sugar" love sweet childhood sweetheart Deng Jiajia was praised as "the new generation of comedy diva, changing the image of the screen, a unique interpretation of the way let Deng Jiajia have unlimited potential. Which was the representative ray caroling media as the modern screen "mature male", either a movie or a TV series have good performance. In the TV drama "I am not elite", for the first time, Deng Jiajia Jiayin acting parley cooperation, as a friend of being met — two meters and Wei Jing, grew up together after the natural love each other, the achievements of a childhood sweetheart love story. The police have dreams, Yan value high IQ Yang Wei Jing meters of love, with no ambition at all muddle along, it is the "top" and "fool" two different "creatures", this love what to talk about? Mi Yanghe, with the action of the answer, love a person must learn to change their own. "Fools" Wei crystal in a foreign company, "straight" m Yang learning practical work, two people love the childhood sweetheart of continuous efforts, the achievements of their best. From acquaintance to love, love makes people envy childhood sweetheart. Young lovers love set "goal" however, love is not the childhood sweetheart love and Wei Jing Everything is going smoothly. meters, the road was also full of thorns. The first is m Yang’s mother, is known as the first batch of "King" Zhao Fenglan (Wang Ji ornaments) lady, with the child’s own best "mentality, have to be a" three high "daughter-in-law, is fastidious Wei crystal; followed by xinhuaiguitai the elite beauty Liao Mei (Mo Xiaoqi ornaments), there is no sign in the Wei and Jing meters life, give their love brings heavy waves. The two major obstacles lie in the middle meters and Wei Jing, let them love miwuchongchong road. Love and marriage is not only a matter of two people, parents and friends support is very important; but the decisive factors of love and marriage is still only two people, only people who love each other, mutual trust and work together to firmly assured it, go to the end. The film side said: "I am not" elite "tells the story of childhood sweetheart, but love is sweet, also has a life of frustrations and hardships, play by presenting and crystal meters Wei efforts, we want to convey a positive and optimistic attitude towards life to the audience, the transfer of positive energy in love." Mi Yanghe’s childhood sweetheart crystal.相关的主题文章:

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