Huaqiao University Alumni Association organized a wedding to witness 32 pairs of new love-denka

By , April 15, 2018 8:04 am

Huaqiao University alumni held a collective wedding ceremony witnessed 32 couples love – Beijing new network in Quanzhou in November 5, (Gong Xuerong) 5, located in Fujian, Huaqiao University in Quanzhou held the situation over the Huayuan 2016 alumni collective wedding ceremony, witnessed 32 of alumni new sweet love, there is love, the old alumni half of them, for love. Brave, "naked marriage" 80 alumni are meant to be 90, the couple joy in their marriage. alumni…… The same day, Fujian Quanzhou Huaqiao University decorated, sweet and romantic, bursting with happiness. 32 China Alumni new makeup, dressed in costumes, in thousands of alumni at home and abroad, teachers, friends and family to witness, held 2016 "full Huayuan" alumni collective wedding in the Jiageng memorial hall, a life of the most solemn promise. Huaqiao University President Jia Yimin as witness. He said, "your karma due to overseas bonds, acquaintance, friend for love. Karma is the combination of the two, it is the integration of two hearts, two life is reborn, and the birth of a new life, is the most solemn and sacred. Today, we will witness your knot, your alma mater is always the most warm home, alma mater to give you the most sincere blessing." The most solemn promise of Huaqiao University alumni. Photo by Gong Xuerong in 32 couples, Kang Yuchen, Lin and his wife eye-catching chrysanthemum. "We and China Datong fate, breathing, the first day came, after China closed, we have been in the office complex." Old Kang road. As the first generation of Chinese adults, they met and fell in love, married in China today, said of a couple passed through 55 years, accompanied by. "I am the first Chinese teacher, she (Kang old lover Lin Juhua) returned overseas Chinese in indonesia. When our wedding is Chinese student affair. Hanging balloons, pull ribbon, although the room posted Xizi, simple, but full of warmth, you like one family." Recall the little drops of the year, the old man’s face filled with a happy smile. Huaqiao University 12 administrative Zhuo thick third summer in Sanming Taining met graduated from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology six years of Deng Awei. "Big 4 we have a licensing, our marriage certificate diploma earlier than I get." Zhuo thick said, "with the reluctant to leave his alma mater, today I want to take our family together to feel the warmth of his alma mater." "I’m a bowl of noodles exhausted all Juexue tricked her hand, she said I was a hug and took her home." 08 broadcast television professional Dong told reporters. His wife Liu Qi is China Tourism Management 09, two people met in the summer of 2010 zhijiaotuan in July 2015, they married licensing. Because of various reasons can not be achieved in his alma mater to shoot a wedding wish, today, they come. Today, when reminded of their love experiences, he always think of Lake wisteria, in autumn, they walked arm in arm, heart to heart. As a representative of the new Dong and share their happiness. "Our story is not a legend, but enough to tell the children." November 5th, Huaqiao University alumni held a collective wedding ceremony. Gong Xuerong)相关的主题文章:

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