Huang Zitao was called up for his fans sister to do less-ssport

By , April 15, 2018 12:26 pm

Huang Zitao was called up for his fans sister "little" Huang Zitao issued a document that the collapse of Huang Zitao micro-blog inner self drying yellow Zitao and micro-blog "mutual dislike" father of Sina entertainment news on October 29th, because of "real man" second season contract bursting point and aspect of popular niche strength [micro-blog] Huang Zitao arrived at BeiJing Capital Airport was surrounded by a large number of fans. Because he was known as the "Tao in the program, prone" 2 short period has to do more than and 300 push ups, whether it is laughing, winning or losing, even to "celebrate" to "be" is the magic of many push ups. However, in the program of "shadow" has not yet dispersed, there are a large number of fans were shouting "Huang Zitao sisters in you! Push up to!" "The other", such an idol fans only a yellow Zitao. Huang Zitao’s "other" fans of his father back to the collapse of your "do less" and then, "said Huang Zitao issued a document to hear the words of my heart is broken, you know? After watching the show remember to listen to my music, you will love me. I know you love me now, but I don’t think it’s enough. C-POP". Soon after, Huang Zitao’s father also forwarded and spoke directly "I understand, but as your father still feel less," Huang Zitao replied: "I thank you". Netizens have said "it is natural", "Tao Tao million fans did not expect to be your father", the father and son is really cute strength. (commissioning editor: Bunny)相关的主题文章:

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