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By , April 16, 2018 11:25 am

Huang Xiaoming is confident would be a good dad wanted to personally cook for children Angelababy, Huang Xiaoming Huang Xiaoming [micro-blog] in Shanghai since October 8, 2015 and Angelababy (Angela Baby) after the wedding, several times by the media broke the baby pregnancy rumors. After a lapse of one year on the same day, Huang Xiaoming and micro-blog wrote: "three people travel together, even after many times, Thanksgiving, daughter-in-law ~" officially announced that his wife was pregnant, netizens onlookers and message, and said: "baby has a small baby". The interview is in the trump card to play before the premiere of Beijing, when asked whether the topic when the father, Huang Xiaoming ambiguous smile, do not give a positive or negative answer. But you can see that his face is a mask of happiness. In the evening announced the good news, Beijing News reporter Huang Xiaoming and the staff chatted about it, the other side also sighs: so good that I hold in my heart. At the end of September, in the film "ace ace" tease the Beijing premiere conference, Huang Xiaoming talked about his daddy skills, although he has been evading said no when do not know, but still looks happy, confident that she will be a good father, "my only worry is too spoil their children. I have made up my mind, I must be a strict father, let the child independence, I was so prepared." As for their more love a boy or a girl, Huang Xiaoming said in this regard is very greedy, at least as a child: two. Marriage is not a day to cook baby talent, this life do not want to Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy after marriage, the two sides are still busy with each other, do not often meet this thing, Huang Xiaoming look very open. He always thinks that two people do not have to love each other together every day, and occasionally separated is not a bad thing to see again and again. Love is the most need to understand each other, mutual support, a long time, in fact, only a family. When it comes to the marriage of two people who take charge of this matter, Huang Xiaoming revealed that he is the master of the surface, in fact, she is in charge of the election, is the implementation of the order is me, the order is issued to her." In marriage, the daily cooking is an inevitable topic, although Huang Xiaoming admitted to do the actors in the industry, most of them are outside the restaurant to eat. But if you really have a day to do nothing, at home, they will do. Because of this idea, he deliberately took in the "filial piety" when cyclone took advantage of that time, learned to cook. "I hope to have a baby in the future, I can cook for her. Because when I was a child, my father cook very delicious, I hope my children will be the same as I am in my father’s impression that the father is very delicious cooking." When it comes to the other half of the cooking, he directly rejected: I think she didn’t have the talent in this life, then you don’t want to. Let Huang Xiaoming particularly pleased that Chinese in the traditional family law disputes between those that have not appeared in front of them. He said this lucky, especially thank God for her a happy family: a kind.相关的主题文章:

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