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By , April 15, 2018 12:28 pm

Huang Xiaolei in the history of the hardest boss for hiring turned "dancers" – Sohu Huang Xiaolei entertainment entertainment news photo Sohu by Guoli Zhang’s director, Dicky Cheung, Miriam Yeung, Huang Xiaolei, Shen Teng, Song Xiaobao participated in the recording of the large-scale reality show "we through it" second season in Sichuan satellite tv. The stars through to the prosperity of the Northern Song Dynasty, playing different identity, different,. Sichuan TV hit reality show "we go through the big second season", finally from the ancient period to the Northern Song Dynasty through the difficult period of prosperity. The program continues to uphold the pattern of child abuse of the principle of the star, in the prosperous period of the Northern Song Dynasty, is still set for each star guests obstacles. Huang Xiaolei and Miriam Yeung to become the highest identity among all guests, ranks among the ranks of the boss, who thought it would be easy to deal with, what is expected to be distributed to the program group of two people in a dilapidated storefront. Not only are the desks and chairs in a mess, even in the backyard. Huang Xiaolei used to buy the Steamed Buns workers to clean up the backyard, and cheap to hire Dicky Cheung as his store word hanging plaque. After some discussion, Huang Xiaolei and, Sichuan and Hongkong will be combined with hot tea, named milk pot shop". Shop soon, it seems that everything goes smoothly, but hidden crisis. Are Huang Xiaolei and Miriam Yeung as "milk pot shop opened to grab," landlord "to the high rent to store Huang Xiaolei abandoned the beggar. The landlord rushed rushed to stop, and pointing two people how to successfully open debt. In order to "milk pot shop" can be opened smoothly operation, two people began to use "milk pot shop" to exhaust all the skills of recruiting, Huang Xiaolei created "the milk pot, we teach dance" dance "milk pot dance" in the street, the scene is very hot, eye-catching. Huang Xiaolei with "milk pot dance" not only recruitment success, also raised to shareholders smoothly. The boss turned yellow "dancers" yiyanbuge dance, as well is pretty fight.   相关的主题文章:

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