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By , April 17, 2018 6:19 pm

How to get rid of the single woman coup so that you are no longer single woman public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: how to get rid of the single woman 10 tips to keep you is no longer a single woman single a single happy, so, as a single woman, is a happy thing. The single also has the single distress, the time is long, the woman sometimes even suspect oneself to opposite sex attraction. Do you know how to say goodbye to a single woman? Bachelor of 1, to a people who love you more opportunities, but not the old thinking that you love and who love you and inextricably bogged down in. 2, if there is a scab on man face, mouth toothpick, coarse language or mouth, don’t fall in love with this man. 3, don’t go out with your best friend of the opposite sex or the ex boyfriend of your best girlfriend, or you may lose your friend forever. 4, before marriage at any time should Shoushenruyu, even if you have never met his parents, do not hastily agreed to his proposal requirements. 5, if you really do not love him, do not easily say to him, "I love you", even if it is April Fool’s day. Cherish the single woman how to do how to bid farewell to the single woman farewell single what method 6, if you have no idea the idea should not go out for a walk with him, then go; if you can’t decide whether or not to go home with him, so don’t. 7, life is not easy, when the happy happy, so cherish every minute of the day after the single life, leave a good memory. 8, if you do not want to do housework in marriage, from the beginning of his that you don’t cook the food, even if you are actually a very good cook. 9, although beautiful short, ugly is eternal. So there is no need to spend too much energy to focus on the external beauty, it should take more time to maintain the inner beauty. 10, if there is no sufficient confidence, do not easily fall in love with a handsome man, otherwise it is very difficult that the day after you can keep him. Sometimes a person’s own life is also a kind of enjoyment, but after all, the last thing to touch the sensitive thing, how not to be emotional turn around. Single women must learn to learn the rules of emotion. (photo from panorama) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章:

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