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Automobiles Land Rover is a brand held in high regard across the world, which holds true for even the most remote parts of the globe where only a vehicle of its tremendous capabilities can traverse. As one of the manufacturers to pioneer four-wheel drive vehicles, Land Rover has developed a reputation for building the most thoroughly engineered SUVs in the world. The original Range Rover, introduced in 1970, was the first four-wheel-drive vehicle to use coil springs and four-wheel disc brakes making it the first to refine the on-road dynamics of this type of vehicle. The Range Rover Sport, introduced in 2005, quickly became the car of choice on the high street. The question is does it live up to its promise? And what better time than now to get a real sense of just how capable the Range Rover fleet being inherited by Tata Motors really is. Since its reputation precedes it, theres a lot expected of this car even before you get into the drivers seat. Give it some thought, though, and you do begin to question the point of a Range Rover Sport. After all, isnt that an oxymoron? How could an SUV of almost 3 tonnes possibly be sporty? Well, Im about to find out From the outside The styling of the Range Rover Sport demonstrates the effectiveness of a clean cut design. This isnt a design with concave surfaces that you have to grow to love. Its straightforward and handsome with several design cues taken from the traditional Range Rover including its square jaw and wraparound bonnet. It has a muscular, squat stance, and looks very purposeful sitting on massive 20-inch wheels. The Sport also provides some clues such as vents in the front fenders, dual exhausts, and huge Brembo front brakes hinting that its something very special indeed. On the road Once on the move, the car doesnt feel as big as it initially appears. The very refined driving experience makes the car feel as its shrinking around you. You get a .manding view of the road with a large square bonnet outstretched in front. The Land Cruiser also has an array of cameras and sensors that let you know exactly whats happening at all four corners. The extremely smooth and powerful V8 propels this mammoth machine with sublime ease. While its ordinarily very silent, you can hear a nice V8 rumble when you step on the accelerator pedal with some intent. The 5-speed automatic transmission is also exceptional as the gear changes are seamless and almost imperceptible. You do have the option of going through the gears manually if you so choose. Again, the shifts are extremely smooth and very quick, but sometimes the .puter does overrule your .mand and shift whenever it sees fit. For example, if you have your foot to the floor and choose to up-shift just before the 5700rpm redline, the .puter will analyze throttle position and shift only when it reaches said redline undoubtedly to aid your effort of picking up speed quickly. The Land Cruiser has massive tires (285/60 R18) that provide great stability and grip both on and off the road. It handles extremely well and has very good body control with minimal body roll for a car of its size. Its Ki.ic Dynamic Suspension System that adjusts the stiffness of the front and rear anti-roll bars in accordance with the conditions achieves this. Also, while the weight of the steering at low speeds is heavier than most Toyotas, the Land Cruiser actually has quite good steering feel. Priya Singh wrote this article on behalf of Classic Cars . For more information on car About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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