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By , November 16, 2017 4:51 pm

How Jennifer Lawrence fell into her new love. "Red carpet Queen – Sohu 26 year old Oscar winner Jennifer · Laurence and the" black swan "director Darren Aronofsky was recently photographed together around the shop in New York, in two, the love of love, envy others, sweetly when it is street kiss, this is not love movie only plot! It’s gonna spill the screen. Speaking of my cousin Jennifer · Laurence, surely you will not feel strange, in the movie "X" X-Men "the Hunger Games" in "American deception" left us a deep impression, in addition, won the eighty-fifth Oscar Award for best actress, the seventieth golden ball award for best actress, the seventy-first annual Golden Globe Awards Best Supporting Actress and the sixty-seventh BAFTA Award for best actress, best newcomer sixty-fifth Venice International Film Festival Award for her, it is both strength and beauty, but also a clearly can rely on the face but rely on talent model. I heard two of them for new cooperation together, it is repeatedly photographed with photos, do not know the difference of 21 year old fell in love will have to follow? As the first 90 Oscar winning actress, Jennifer · Laurence not only acting in person, wear on the performance is also remarkable, she is glamorous regardless of what kind of driving style with ease, let us recall the wonderful performance of the red carpet on the big cousin, a feast for the eyes. On the eighty-eighth session of the Oscar red carpet, cousin Jennifer · Laurence Christian Dior in the spring and summer of 2016 highly improved dress red carpet, V deep lace perspective dress, elegant, full of beautiful shape, sexy and elegant, feminine. At the Golden Globes on the red carpet, Jennifer · Laurence wore a red dress elegant appearance, aura outstanding, hollow design waist sense, and show good figure, big cousin award hair, gentle intellectual smile, she do not have a charm. Jennifer in the premiere of the film on the red carpet wearing Christian · Laurence Dior senior custom appeared, wine red dress exquisite earrings, hair bundle and retro, full of classical beauty. 3: "the Hunger Games mockingjay (on)" premiere, Jennifer · Laurence wearing Christian Dior2014-2015 winter haute couture dress at the red carpet, the ivory white and silver dress with lace, golden cross stiletto a simple, fashionable feeling overwhelmed. In "the Hunger Games: mockingjay (under)" Losangeles premiere on blonde collocation lips cousin wore a Christian Dior dress red carpet, this dress is very simple, only a few bead flower, cuffs on fresh and natural, perfectly tailored to outline the proud curve, is very special. In the game of hunger相关的主题文章:

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