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By , July 24, 2018 6:59 am

Business Especially the patient with dental problems is more fearful because it is fully aware of during dental treatment in contrast to other medical interventions which can have general anesthesia. As a result, the dentist himself to work harder with a patient who, throughout the duration of treatment and monitor everything is under stress causes fear. The fact is many times that fear is not only resulting in psychogenic reasons and previous bad experiences can be had by everyone with the dentist. Fear ac.panies man from birth and is related to his experiences and his DNA. In most cases there is a balance in life and occurs only in cases of need and risk. Usually there is an inhibiting factor in his life, but can take various forms, such as fear of death, existential fear, fear, sickness, aircraft, claustrophobia, fear of the dentist, etc. In most cases the fear the man manages to over.e the self and to continue normal life without the specific fear a pathology, which will suspend normal activities of life. But there are cases where fear takes on terrifying dimensions of the human psyche by inhibiting the normal functions, like as not entering a closed room or an airplane or existential fear of death or present maladjustment in a normal way of life. Depending dental fear and not even close to the dentist can be painful and have serious dental problems. Because fear distorts the mental conception of man and his feeling, a fear arose from the suspension. Normal physiological reaction from the man before needing to reach medical treatment and cure of fear is first mentally to resist the negative thoughts and images that show fear and therefore the negative sentiments, imposing himself to himself to replace the negative thoughts and positive images and the approach on a practical level if possible with what he fears such to get on an airplane. If the man left without any resistance on the theoretical level of which is fear, in these cases the fear he is established and a pathology for which they may need more medical psychotherapeutic treatment. Usually the dental patient is on two levels phobic. Or at the level now fear has be.e a pathology that the patient prefers to hurt, destroyed teeth, has missing teeth and mouth for the picture which is ashamed to smile rather than go to the dentist or at the patient goes the dentist and fear as follows: If you hurt during treatment If a doctor makes the right choice If you make the right treatment If you have a nice aesthetic result If proper sterilization in order to secure the health Today, dental science is at its highest level ever and the level of knowledge and level of technology. This gives .fort to the dentist with the right knowledge and proper equipment to provide excellent dental services, both to ensure the patient the right treatment effect, its lack of pain during treatment. As a result of developments in dental science has been the possibility of creating a dental specialist such as The specialist who deals only with the gums (Periodontist) The specialist who deals only with denervation (endodontistis) The specialist who deals only with children (pediatric dentist) The specialist who deals only with "braces" (orthodontist) The specialist who only deals with exports and problems of the jaw (maxillary surgeon) Other disciplines such Prosthodontist, beautician, so with the knowledge of the special to achieve accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment of Ms with the appropriate expertise in an environment of .plete sterilization to allow for effective and painless treatments with long-term results. The case that the fearful patient who prefers to suffer rather than accept dental treatment or treated with a psychotherapeutic approach or longer sedation in hospital. It is a fact today that while the right dentist holding dental science at the correct diagnosis and thus results in the .prehensive treatment of the patient, first of all called to reach the patient psychologically to convince him in advance that the dental treatment today is painless, with excellent aesthetic and therapeutic effects and safe for the patient’s health. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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