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There are many beautiful stone windows in Ningbo from the heyday of the Tang Zhaolai tell you Sina micro-blog | tourism on 01 November 2016 11:52 shore residual rain, Mao eaves town officer. A flower with tears, wanlike pinglan. With the production of window materials to Chinese ancient wood, brick, stone, the stone windows, making the most difficult, the most costly and most rare. The author and photographer will take you into the coast of Zhejiang, to see the stone window sculpture of the charm of light and shadow. With the ancient village: the stone window last habitat in some village of Xiangshan County in the fall, the more common is the money, Tang Caochuang and the Dragon window window. Xiangshan Minyan: poor when heads have words ringing. Money, commonly known as "coins". The money used in the round stone window mainly in the form of a single, double money money, money points. Tang grass, also known as "roll grass", it comes from Buddhism, in order to prevail in the Tang Dynasty named. With the stone window pattern often in the expression of people yearning for a better life, such as success, longevity house, high school champion this pattern is the ancient people’s love. Walk in Zhejiang town of Ningbo, around the town of the Ming Dynasty architecture of the Ming Qing Dynasty or the building, you can still see a lot of stone carving window. The eyes are the windows of the soul, the windows are the eyes of the house, the weight of the stone in the craftsman carved into a window, no rigid gas, but like the child’s eyes in general. With relatively simple stone windows in addition to common geometric patterns, the performance of historical figures and stories of opera, also It is often seen. In ancient China, the window of the material to the most wood, but the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the stone windows are suddenly rising in the south of the Yangtze river. Stone windows also called windows, the stone flower, a flower word, let people fall into a reverie art to it; a "leakage", and one of its ventilation lighting and other practical singles. Chinese classical architecture is often aesthetic and practical, stone window is a model. Figure since ancient times, until the Republic of China, stone windows are widely distributed in all parts of Zhejiang, Zhejiang province is located in the Caoe River, Yongjiang River, on both sides of the Oujiang River Village, there are countless stone windows fall, with the transformation of the old city and the city to speed up the pace, they quickly in the roar of bulldozers. Razed to the ground. With the recent years due to the rise of tourism, the local people have the consciousness of protection. But, after all, a little late, Zhejiang rural prosperity bomb gravel road, almost entirely covered by cement, village protected fall become neither fish nor fowl. With the city with the modernization and urbanization, many ancient villages, ancient buildings were razed to the ground, stone windows also destroyed. Some of the patterns are particularly exquisite stone windows are retained, into the hands of collectors. [Sina] this statement of tourism license without authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced excerpts or otherwise use. 1 Sina micro-blog | tour on 01 November 2016 11:52 with three county deep, Tu Yang Cun Xi Chen Cun, Zhoucun Ao, Yang village, Huang Ni Dong Cun, Ninghai County, Chen Jia Cun, Xiangshan County, the town before the child, the heart Yang village, Huang Bu Cun, 2相关的主题文章:

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