How about this feeling Nintendo retro NES host first-hand evaluation super bass

By , November 19, 2017 1:07 am

How about this feeling? Nintendo retro NES host a video compilation evaluation [Sina] please indicate the source in gaming industry if it is only Nintendo are eligible to have no scruples to sell the feelings to the fans, this time a new version of the NES machine (US version called NES, the Japanese version called FC) is the emergence of this will refresh feelings to a new height. The new version of the red and white machine looks more cute, but also allow you to relive the 8 machine once brilliant. Today I am on this game for hours to come back to childhood, it is interesting, but as a really looking forward to this game, I was a little disappointed, this is not a bad equipment, of course, there are some cool elements, but I cannot wholeheartedly recommend it. It is like this: the feelings of red and white machine built 30 version of the classic FCT game, in addition to the host, and a handle, a HDMI line, a line of USB. Then you connect the line, HDMI line can be played on TV, and do not need WIFI, completely stand-alone. Built in 30 games, including 16 games to support the double cooperation. Obviously, we just said, you need to buy a new pair of hands. Even, like "King Kong", "super Mario brothers" in this way, A game player over B game player to play the game, you have to handle the 1P pull down 2P to handle position…… A modern device actually has such an anti human design, obviously backwards. So, if you want to be happy, you have to buy another handle. Of course the second handles cost $10. But you can also use the Wii handle or other handle instead. After solving the handle problem, you will find that you have no other accessories and games that can be added to the game! Thanks to Nintendo, let me spend only one money to get such a complete game experience. Advantages: the best part of this machine is the collection of the 30 games. Buy a host, you will have your childhood all the fantasy, "Final Fantasy", "super Mario 3", "boxing without virtual hair" they all together! These games are fun and never out of date. Sure, you can play with them on the emulator or other Nintendo hosts, but it’s great to gather them in a more convenient and intuitive game. I also like the game’s three different display options. A paste CRT TV mode, one is the 4:3 display mode, the last is the "perfect pixel" mode (this mode will make each pixel is a perfect square). CRT mode is my favorite, because it really reproduce the first time I play these games look like. These three models completely look at personal preferences, have different characteristics. Disadvantages: gameplay makes up for everything! This is the truth, right? But here is not the case, can depend on you and cool to play this game in the distance, you can’t put it in the TV cabinet and lie down on the sofa, there are three reasons: 1) the handle line is too short, only 30 inches (.相关的主题文章:

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