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Posted By: Sam Mittal New Delhi is well-known for the vast heritage and colorful cultural legacy that it possesses for centuries today. The present age has enhanced the value of this capital city of India by making it a delightful sightseeing destination, a hub for career opportunities, an educational zone with splendid business endeavors. Known among the major metropolitan cities of the country, New Delhi is visited immensely by travelers from all over the planet, throughout the year. A hub of various commercial, recreational, political and business activities; the city houses a vast hospitality industry that looks after the travelers here. Accommodation properties are housed in abundance here that are spread generously in various zones. Among these zones, Connaught Place also known as CP is credited to hold a significant chunk of lodging choices. Hotels in Connaught Place are delightful sojourns of accommodation where comfort, warmth and luxury and intertwined. Consisting mostly of five and four star hotels, CP provides its travelers with pioneering architectural styles along with engaging hospitality that has warmth of Indian culture. Facilities and services offered here turn these accommodation properties into splendid sojourns of an impressive stay.

hotels in connaught place Posted By: Sam Mittal One of the most desired tourist destinations on the planet is Delhi, the capital city of India. Also, it is also a profitable place for business and career opportunities. Therefore, a number of travelers flock to this city all through the year. So, in order to provide cozy accommodations to its travelers, the city houses a number of hotels. These lodging options allow you to relish the joy of comfort and warmth of Indian hospitality. Hotels here have a varied range that includes heritage hotels, boutique hotels, business hotels, budget and inexpensive hotels. Though every hotel is an epitome of excellence in itself but the crown of Best hotels in New Delhi is mostly bagged by budget hotels. Among the most sought after hotels in the city, hotels in Connaught Place hold an eminent place. These hotels mostly fall into categories of 4 and 5 star accommodation properties. They are best suited for those who want quick access to Railway Station, Metro Station and bus stand. Thus, these hotels are mostly opted by business travelers and those seeking a luxurious lodging.

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delhi accommodations Promoters And Builders : Catering To Housing Needs Of The Commoners Posted By: Sam Mittal

Best Hotels In New Delhi Luxury Hotels In Delhi Posted By: Sam Mittal The city of Delhi is adorned flawlessly with a classic charisma of the old, golden epoch and advancement of the modernity. To witness this unique amalgamation, the city is thronged by scores of travelers throughout the year. Also, being a hub of every important aspect whether political, administrative, business, job prospects or educational; the city acts as a magnet for various students, business delegates, career aspirants and many more. To provide all its travelers a place to stay, the city holds several hotels that make the stay of their guests, a memorable one. Among the various categories, luxury hotels in New Delhi are illustrious for the warm hospitality and royal treatment; they provide their discerned guests with. The structure of such luxurious hotels is imposing, designed artistically and is grand. Traditional hints and modern features together make the ambiance captivating. Interiors are laced with deluxe fixtures, latest styles and a soothing atmosphere. Lavish furnishings, cozy and contemporary accommodation choices, boutiques shops, antique shops, modern facilities packed spacious business keys, Internet connectivity, banquet venues for staging events and conferences, boardrooms, spa and multi-cuisine restaurants; make these hotels outstanding.

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delhi accommodations New Delhi Hotels : Choicest Accommodation Posted By: Sam Mittal Did you know, luxury hotels of Delhi are cent-percent occupied round the year? Irrespective of the tariff, these hotels observe huge influx of travelers who want to soak in sheer opulence. This is the reason why more and more hospitality providers are developing hotels in Delhi. You are cordially welcomed to enjoy the zenith of gracious hospitality and comfort at these hotels. New Delhi Hotels offer you an experience that is more than just hospitality. They provide elegant accommodation and personalized contemporary services, along with facilitating recreation. Keeping every economic stratum in mind, Delhi houses hotels of various categories such as luxury, business and budget so that everyone has his own accommodation type, depending on the amount of money to be spared. Luxury Hotels: These luxury hotels in Delhi are designed artistically in a grand way with their buildings blending traditional touch and contemporary features. Recent trends, homely ambience and lavish fixtures adorn the sophisticated interiors. The furnishings that enrich these hotels include wi-fi enabled conference rooms, multi-cuisine restaurants and more. These are also the best hotels in Delhi that offer you royal accommodation along with unparalleled services.

Best Hotels In New Delhi Posted By: Sam Mittal Did you know, Delhi is home to several fastest and largest developing retail industries and is now recognized as an eventful business nucleus? Yes, this is the fact that has crowned Delhi lately. Also, being a great place of tourist attractions, it draws several travelers from various parts of the planet. Delhi is loaded with pleasant surprises at every corner like street bazaars, shopping malls, historical structures to that of contemporary age and dhabas to redefined dining restaurants. To relish this flavor in every element of the city, people throng here and thus, necessity of hotels becomes inevitable. Accommodation options in the city have a vast range so that you can choose from the Best Accommodations in Connaught Place. New Delhi Hotels Hotels of the city are categorized into various parts such as deluxe, 3, 4 or 5 star or economy hotels. Staff of these hotels is well-trained, experienced and friendly and is always alert to fulfill the requirements of the guests. Some of these hotels also have business lounges or centers that are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, assisting you to execute your business tasks smoothly.

delhi accommodations Posted By: Sam Mittal Delhi is a celebration of Indian heritage. The metropolis is a beautiful bouquet of various places of interest and importance. Cosmic bureaucracy and political system of India has made this metropolis a chief multi-ethnic centre. It is counted amongst the topmost global cities on the planet. With so many factors along with the sightseeing attractions, Delhi gives a number of reasons to visitors to flock here all through the year. As every traveler has a different budget and preference, Banquets and Conferences delhi are of various kinds so that everyone can have an accommodation of his/her type. Numerous hotels also offer quality services and facilities such as conference hall, doctor on call, safety lockers etc. In short, you can enjoy a great stay in hotels of this capital city. New Delhi Hotels New Delhi hotels symbolize the warmth of Indian hospitality. Most of them enjoy a strategic location. This makes them easily accessible by the travelers. Some of the famous areas that are populated densely by hotels include Connaught Place, Paharganj and Karol Bagh. Hotels that are close to airport of New Delhi are also preferred by travelers. Many of these hotels offer pickup and drop as well.

delhi accommodations Posted By: Sam Mittal Delhi is coroneted with prestigious monuments, seats of political and administrative importance, tourist attractions, great marketplaces and business centers. Therefore, a number of business delegates and holidaymakers flock to this capital city throughout the year. It is because of this reason that the metropolis boasts of a host of hotels that have various different categories so that they can suit to every pocket and provide accommodation as per every preference. A stay in any of the Delhi hotels makes you plan your stay here whenever you tour the city. Hotels in Old Delhi A plethora of hotels dotted all through the old city of Delhi have their doors open to welcome the visitors. But there is something unique with these hotels turning them exclusive. With their location, they provide ease of accessibility to their guests and the Delhi metro deserves credit for it as it has changed the face of commuting in the city. A stay at any of the hotels in Old Delhi is all about a bundle of benefits. Hotels in New Delhi Delhi accommodation is also characterized largely by hotels in New Delhi. These hotels are famous for representing the true essence of Indian hospitality.

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delhi accommodations Facilities In Connaught Place Hotels – Offering You A Comfortable And Memorable Stay Posted By: Sam Mittal New Delhi is the nucleus of business, commercial and political activities in India. In addition, it holds several places of tourist attractions. No wonder, it attracts a big number of visitors throughout the year. Therefore, an instrumental role is played by the hospitality industry here and a host of hotels are splashed all over the metropolis. In this regard, hotels in Connaught Place are worth mentioning. This is one of the major business hubs of the city and enjoys immense significance. Hotels at its heart are located strategically and are close to places like the International as well as domestic airports, Railways Station, Delhi Metro Express Line and many more. They are celebrated for their merit. Facilities in Connaught Place hotels in Delhi have made these hotels stand among the most sought after ones. Room Facilities Every business key of these hotels is equipped richly with every modern amenity. Suites and rooms here are spacious and feature world class facilities, luxury and private balconies. They have televisions with satellite channels, direct dialing telephone system, mini bars, Internet and more.

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hotels in Delhi Delhi Hotels Posted By: Sam Mittal Splashed generously with majestic monuments, exciting entertainment hubs, boisterous bazaars and business enterprises; Delhi is the microcosm of the country. No wonder, it is frequented by vacationers and business delegates alike, throughout the year. Being an apple of the eye of travelers, the city is a home to a number of hotels that are made to suit every budget and preference. Delhi hotels are tell-tale of brilliant services and facilities where the staff is friendly. So, if you are having a Delhi trip on your cards this time, stop at any of the hotels for a lovable lodging or it will be better if you book a room in a hotel online, well in advance. This will enable you to have ample time in hand to indulge in leisure activities or give maximum time for your business endeavors. Luxury Hotels in Delhi: If you want to enjoy a luxurious accommodation, many 5 star hotels are dotted throughout the metropolis. Designed beautifully, equipped with sophisticated arrangements, loaded with choicest facilities and services and living up to the standards of world-class hospitality; these hotels are symbols of opulence.Their restaurants and bars serve the most delectable, aromatic meals and exotic beverages.

Delhi Hotels 4 Star Hotels In Delhi Symbolize Commendable Comfort Posted By: Sam Mittal The charisma of Delhi has always been irresistible and a trip always brings you close to its magnificence. Undoubtedly, the city is a complete package if you visit it during holidays and an opportune place if you are here for business purposes. To make your stay comfortable in this city, you are provided with a broad array of hotels, out of which 4 star hotels in Delhiare most sought after as they provide classy services and help you save a fortune on accommodation costs. You not only take pleasure in the contemporary amenities here but also enjoy small gatherings where you can come into contact with other guests and make your stay all the more enjoyable. Amazing Accommodation: Rooms of these 4 star hotels are spacious, well-equipped with modern facilities and 24 hour room service. Other facilities of these hotels include spa, currency exchange, boutique shops, shopping arcade and travel desk. Banquets of these hotels are perfect to stage a celebration or organize a conference or meeting.

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hotels in delhi Are There Any Cheap Guest Houses In (connaught Place), Delhi? Posted By: John Mathews From the days of the ancient era, Delhi had been the centre of attraction for many reigns, because its remarkable beauty. Almost every emperor sustained a dream of conquering it. The emperors, who conquered Delhi, used to handle their empire right from the capital city. It is because of this reason that the city beholds so many monuments and sculptures which define the rich era of the past. From those times till today, Delhi still is the centre of attraction among tourists and is considered among the most visited cities around the world. A lot of things have change from the past. Delhi has now become a name that is synonymous to technology and advancement. Delhi ensures that apart from enjoying various adorable places, the tourists also get to relish a comfortable stay. Every well planned trip needs to have a planned place to stay as well. The tourists visiting the city can easily plan their stay, as they are various hotels in the capital city which provide convenient online bookings. The guests can also reside in the various guest houses in Delhi which are well known for their hospitality and warm service.

hotels in delhi How Comfortable Are The Guest Houses In Delhi? Posted By: John Mathews The traveling and hospitality sector is witnessing greater heights with the ongoing years. The traveling industry has been consistently evolving and is believed to become a huge entity in the coming future. Tourists who are on vacation are always searching for places which give them a discrete experience. Most of the times there search gets ended in our metropolitan city, Delhi. Delhi is not just known for its beautiful monuments and ambiance but also for its exquisite vibe that it possesses. Serving as a city with perfect mix of hospitality, upbeat technology and tradition, the capital ensures that its visitors experience something exclusive. The city is a preferred choice among tourists as it offers a homely ambiance to the visiting tourists. The best thing about the place is that it provides some outstanding accommodation options to the visiting tourists who are both affordable and comfortable at the same time. The guest houses in Delhi are considered to be the second home for tourists visiting the city. The facilities provided by these hospitality properties are amazing.

hotels in delhi Guest House In Delhi: A Remembering Experience. Posted By: John Mathews Every leisure or casual trip has a story along and the conclusion gets mostly ended up with; how the stay was? The capital city of our country, Delhi has developed itself so much along the passage of time that it somehow ensures that the travelers visiting the city not just have a remembering trip but also have some beautiful memories to take back home. Whether it is the markets or the guest houses in New Delhi, the city has it all to attract the eager tourist. Synchronizing with the other developed countries, the city has introduced itself as a prominent modernized place. The establishment of Delhi Metro is one the many steps that the city has taken towards modernizations. The consistent increment in its attributes has made the city a deserving place in order to organize various cultural and sport related events in both domestic and international level. Because of its discrete features the city has been a proud organizer of events such as Common Wealth games and many others. With the increase in the number of tourists visiting the city every year, the hospitality sector has turned up to be thriving.

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