Hongkong aviation hub to enhance the status of the airlines to open new routes in the new network t6570

By , November 19, 2017 1:03 am

Hongkong aviation hub to enhance the status of the airlines to open new routes – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Hongkong, September 11 (reporter Zhou Xueting) recently, there are many international airlines plans to open new routes in Hongkong, the two companies have been on the 7 of this month opened new routes from Hongkong to Losangeles, Vienna, will also have the company in the next few months in succession to open Hongkong to Oakland, Yangon and Kuala Lumpur routes. This shows that, in the case of the growing global demand for shipping, Hongkong’s aviation network continues to expand, the status of Hongkong as a global aviation hub is still rising. Hong Kong International Airport is the world’s busiest cargo hub, is also one of the world’s busiest passenger airport. Departure from Hong Kong International Airport, in 5 hours to half of the world’s population residence. The airport is currently connected to more than 190 destinations worldwide, more than 100 airlines operating at the airport, providing about 1100 flights a day. U.S. airlines opened on the 7 day of this month, Hongkong direct flights to Losangeles, operated by the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. This route is the United States airlines in Hongkong and the Asia Pacific region, the second and the 14 routes. American Airlines, Asia Pacific vice president Pei Aiwen said that with the world economic center of gravity eastward, the Asia Pacific region where Hongkong is now the core of American aviation market. Losangeles Tourism Bureau, China’s chief representative Chang Hong said that Hongkong is a very mature high-end market in aviation and tourism. In 2015 there were more than 300 thousand passengers from Hongkong to Losangeles, the number of passengers to maintain the growth of 5%. Many passengers from Hongkong, mainland China and Southeast Asia are in Hongkong this long haul flight portal. She believes that the opening of the new route to meet the needs of business and leisure travelers. Austria airlines to provide up to 5 flights from Hongkong to Vienna every week from the beginning of the month, to fly on the Boeing 777 aircraft to fly on the flight to the United States, the United States and the United States to fly to. The general manager of Austria airlines in Hongkong and South Chinese District Malte said, Hongkong as a regional transportation hub, hardware and software facilities, a number of areas in Hongkong as the center of the transport network of radiation to the mainland, Oceania and Southeast Asia. International Airlines Landing Hongkong market, Hongkong local airlines are also expanding. According to the airline business affairs director Zheng Jiaju introduction, Cathay Pacific to buy 48 Airbus 350 wide body aircraft in the near future, will be put into operation in 4 to 5 years. At the same time, the airline will in March 2017 will be between Hongkong and Boston direct flights increase of 3 classes per week, Vancouver flights per week increased to 17 classes. Cathay and Dragonair will open early next year to 4 flights daily between Hongkong and Kuala Lumpur flights, to further strengthen its regional route network. Hong Kong International Airport in 2015 the total passenger volume of 68 million 500 thousand passengers. In order to meet the increasing demand for air passenger and passenger transport, Hongkong airport third runway project was officially started in August, is expected to be completed in 2023. It is expected that the Hongkong Airport Authority, Hongkong airport three runway system put into operation, the annual handling more than one hundred million passengers in passenger traffic and nearly 9 million metric tons of cargo, about 600 thousand vehicles and aircraft movements. Hongkong Airport authority.相关的主题文章:

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