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By , November 15, 2017 5:14 pm

Hong Kong media: Chinese to build new nuclear submarine production line or 096 type (Figure) – Sohu global network of military military channel reported on August 30th: Hongkong "Oriental Daily" quoted the official website on August 29th the media reported that, following the first domestic aircraft carrier was expected by the end of the water, and that the China will build a new generation of nuclear submarines, nuclear Chinese only the submarine Bohai shipbuilding industry group (hereinafter referred to as the group recently announced that Bo ship) a new assembly line of indoor berth recently completed, outside analysts pointed out that the production line or for the construction of new nuclear submarines. The article said, Bo ship group chairman Li Tianbao recently made a special trip to the new assembly line construction project site investigation, and a detailed understanding of the project construction schedule and other relevant circumstances. Because of the exposure of the new assembly line reports indoor berth workshop picture, the mainland military experts said, Liaoning is located in the Huludao Shipyard Group is the only China Bo ship nuclear submarine shipyard, the new model assembly line, display Chinese may start a new generation of nuclear submarines have long construction rumors, the outside world is called 096 type of strategic nuclear submarines and 095 nuclear attack submarine. Earlier this year, The Pentagon announced the 2016 annual report on China’s military and security development situation. The report said that in the next 10 years, China may build a new type of nuclear powered attack submarines of the 095, the submarine can not only improve the PLA Navy anti-ship capability, but also to provide a more subtle attack on the ground. Chinese will continue to produce the "Jin" level (094) nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine, the submarine equipment JL-2 submarine launched ballistic missiles, the platform Chinese first credible sea based nuclear deterrent capability. China may be at some point in 2016 for the first time a ballistic missile submarine nuclear deterrent cruise. At present, there are 4 jin class available for use in China in the next 10 years began to equip the next generation of ballistic missile nuclear submarine (096) may have up to a maximum of 5 services. New submarine or equipment JL-3 submarine launched ballistic missile.相关的主题文章:

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