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By , November 17, 2017 10:09 pm

"Honey" gather "twins" Qi, Jianghuai days can be more sweet – Sohu car in the first 8 months of this year, JAC cumulative sales of 226 thousand and 300 vehicles, an increase of 8.47%. Among them, the lead of SUV products, the cumulative sales of more than 170 thousand vehicles, accounting for 75% of the total sales volume of the passenger car. This performance in the entire SUV market, not much. As the main models of the refine S3 is a strong support, when made a stunning performance of the JAC, JAC refine S3 last year, annual sales of nearly 200 thousand, to refine S3 this year, even in the face of product replacement, 8 months before the sales have exceeded 110 thousand units, not only become an important contribution to the sales of JAC also, the SUV market’s star model. Although S3 refine the limelight Masamori, JAC obviously do not want to stop, but the situation in the premise of constant insight into consumer market demand, the completion of the SUV products under the banner of the upgraded third generation, refine S3 in September 20th to 6.58-9.58 million price officially listed. At the same time, in order to further strengthen the market competitiveness of small SUV, the second generation of S2 is also used to refine the 5.88-7.68 million price listed simultaneously. Refine "Gemini" again hand in hand, the chariot arena, as a major war in the SUV market, increase market segments showing Jianghuai offensive efforts, a greater degree of expanding market space "ambition". To tell the truth, ambition is big, but also have enough strength to achieve. In this regard, the two SUV the new push, at the product level have emboldened. Say first refine S3. In the design, the new "shield standard JAC" LOGO with chrome front grille and unique inverted triangle front fog lamps, greatly enhance the level and three-dimensional sense. The interior can be said to be a thorough remodeling, a new red and black color design with simple control layout more dynamic. With regard to refine S3, can be said to be the market value as yan. The surprise is that the third generation of refine S3 through the application of NVH mute acoustic packages and sound insulation materials, new car interior noise as low as 39 dB, brought even beyond the mainstream models of joint ventures than households senses for the occupants. It is worth mentioning that it is on the level of intelligent equipment upgrade. In the third generation S3 refine the configuration list, PEPS keyless entry, a key to start the 8 inch color screen, suspended in the control car network, intelligent voice, before and after ultrasonic reversing radar, 360° frontier market configuration has a high level of the panoramic image, this comprehensive beyond the same level of the "trump card", will get the favor and recognition of the consumer market. In addition, the third generation of the new power system equipped with 1.6VVT refine S3, forming a double combination of power and power system of the original 1.5VVT. Configure the new power of the product 0-100km h acceleration performance increased by 5%, 80-120km h overtaking acceleration performance improved by more than 22%, the dynamic performance is more rapid, but also to maintain the economic fuel consumption as low as one hundred kilometers 6.5L. More power is equipped, but also for consumers.相关的主题文章:

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