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[Holland] good color Amsterdam – Sohu travel to Amsterdam no less than dozens of times, every time there will be a new discovery. The whole city to the central station for half circle, a fan shape to the outer diffusion, and river network is like a circle a circle of ripples in the water is spread out, making everything in order, without significant mess with. Amsterdam charm. The charming scenery, unique multicultural building and stunning, the still retains the original city planning city has rich historical heritage, and modern flavor extremely free and open. To avoid the past – you are the canal. The canal is the soul of Amsterdam. The city has a total of more than and 160 canals, totaling more than and 100 km long river staggered, rivers, both sides are closely aligned painted colors of the old house, and the stop is thousands of "boat", the unique scenery in Amsterdam has become the first scenery line. Holland is the kingdom of bicycles, take a look at the bike parking lot at the central station in Amsterdam. The Dutch like to ride a bike, the tourists also like to rent a bike around the canal to see the king, so the bike made the second landscape in Amsterdam. One of the best ways to learn about Amsterdam is to take a canal cruise, another way to experience Amsterdam. In the central station out station terminal, every ten minutes a cruise ship, a lap down about an hour or so, look at the scenery on the boat, to greet the people on shore, if accompanied by beer, coffee and music, it would be more cool. Come to Amsterdam, you will walk through a bridge. You know what? There are more than 1 thousand large and small bridges in Amsterdam, of which there are about four hundred stone bridges. These bridges of different styles, a single hole, double hole, a stone bridge, the bridge, and the bridge and architect of modern bridge design. Standing on the bridge to see the scenery is the most typical scenery of Amsterdam. Amsterdam alias are visible, this is a free and Fenghua city. The tolerance and openness have self-control but strong, so drug pornography is legal protection in Holland have banned gambling in most countries. Amsterdam’s most famous red light district famous in the world, become the most peculiar window girls street landscape. Through some will sniff out marijuana unknown alleyways the scent in the air. Then you know you’re in Amsterdam. This is the emblem of the city of Amsterdam and the city. Do you know why it’s three big forks? That represents the fireproof waterproof and the black death, the history of Amsterdam several times in the water and fire disease on a close call. A black cat in the red light district is like the dark and cold. Bike shops Trolltech casually piled in the alley window is terrified here is Amsterdam through the Van Gogh Museum of Rembrandt is the pride of the Dutch National Art Museum and the Van Gogh museum is the two largest museum will go to Amsterdam, which has many world-class rare art treasures. Rembrandt’s "night watch" always crowd.相关的主题文章:

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