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Higgins took water when Champagne: 3 consecutive Pobai only appeared in a dream to become the winner of Higgins sina sports news Beijing time on November 5th, the 2016 World Snooker Championship, Hengda China carried out on the last day for the game in Guangzhou. In the final, Higgins in 7 than 7 after the three game winning streak, 10 to 7 victory over Bingham, crown ahead. After the game, Higgins looked very excited. Refer to three consecutive shot over a hundred performance victory, his joy shows between the lines, "I think this is only appeared in a dream scene." After the win, Higgins is very excited, in the press room waiting for the press conference at the start of their own, he even can’t wait "urging" Bingham, "Hey, brother, you hurry up!" Until finally his debut, he sat on the seat, irrepressible smile, he opened a bottle of water, told reporters: "this is the champagne laugh." He took a drink to celebrate his win. The game has more than half of the time is the fierce competition situation. Only in 7 than in 7, a sudden change in the situation on the field, Higgins seize the opportunity to win three game winning streak. It is worth mentioning that, Higgins is three points to the end of the performance of the game, I can hardly describe my own state of mind, to defeat the strength of such a strong opponent is extremely difficult thing. Especially in the 7 to 7, I just reluctantly to keep up with the rhythm of the opponent, I think the opponent can get started to clear the table, or will not give me too many opportunities. So in 7 to 7, my psychological pressure is particularly large, I hope the next few innings can find a little feel, otherwise the game will lose. I did not expect to be able to three consecutive single pole over a hundred, with a good feeling to lock the victory of the game. I think this is the only scene in the dream." Even if it is not the world’s number one player, even though he is now less and less popular, but in the hearts of many fans, Higgins is a master class players. What does he think of the title? "I will be very happy to be a champion, not to mention the master. I said before, I’ll play every ball. In front of the opponent a lot of lead when I would have to give up the idea that it is difficult to catch up with the score. Tonight, especially at 6 – to – 5 and – 6, I enjoy the game, and I can’t let the focus loose." Higgins said. Of course, Higgins has a nickname, that is, the wizard. The wizard and the master, he is more love which a nickname? Higgins said: "after thought in love. I used to think that I had a ‘magic’ that could turn things around." So, in the end is like the master wizard or wizard master? This is a problem for Higgins, once again exposed the smile on his face, "it’s hard to say, it is in alphabetical order!" In the 80 players performance better and better, as the "70" after the players overwhelmed Higgins win, this is a "80" players a powerful fight back? In the face of sina’s problem, Higgins said: "fight back" can be maintained for up to two weeks相关的主题文章:

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