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By , November 16, 2017 4:52 pm

Her husband was actually in front of the widow of her husband, a private matter in the next door to the widow’s friends wrote: her husband is a salesperson, and her husband in love so far, he will have more than and 10 days a month in a state of travel. I also gradually formed a habit: husband every trip, I will help him take care of good he needs to use toiletries and socks, underwear. Three months ago, her husband travel back, found less than two pairs of socks and a pair of underpants, asked the husband is telling me to do the dirty work. His answer was that he might lose his hotel. The man seemed absent-minded is normal, I do not think so. Recently, I want to make our home redecorating, because the next widow is a successful woman, had visited her several times, that her family was well decorated. So, you go to her house, mainly want to look at her home decoration style, in addition, I hope she can put the thing of the house to give me some good suggestions. However, just when I visited her bedroom, I found her husband lost his underwear and socks on her bedroom clothes hanger. At that time, I was a bad person. Lead, never mind and explore her house decoration thing, nor on the spot and she turned, but hurried home, grabbed her husband was cooking in the kitchen, gave him two slap in the face. My husband did stunned and scolded me first, saying: you are not crazy ah you? Then see my face is ugly, and fill up: what happened? I gave him the ablaze with anger and shouted: you lost underwear and socks to dry on a clothes hanger on the bedroom next to the widow? Her husband had his head down this time. I catch him into the living room, he must clear to me. Female neighbor husband died about ten years ago, when her husband was a boy still in college, just practice in female neighbor units, and know the female neighbor. In her husband’s eyes, the female neighbor is a very enthusiastic sister. When buying a marriage room, seek advice from a woman. Just next door to her family anxious to go abroad, as soon as possible to deal with the house, so the husband heard the advice of the female neighbor, bought the house now. In fact, in our love, her husband did not mention these things to me, just remember that he was often go to a house next door, in this regard, I almost parted with her husband. At that time, did not think her husband has an improper relationship with female neighbor, just think the husband should belong to me, do not want to let him and other heterosexual contact, more jealous. The husband said, because I kept, making him rebellious, eventually, into lovers and female neighbor, and feel a to his tolerance, can he give advice mature women around good in business. To this end, they have maintained a relationship for many years. The husband said, he is the person I love the most, I would like to give him a little time to deal with his and her neighbors thing. Will he leave me alone with my daughter? Even after they separated, or neighbors, they do not love? Reply users: people are a species of demand, what rare missing. It’s like, some people rare money, must be to make money is difficult; some people want true love, must be a single dog or marriage is not happy; some people want to be taken care of, must be because he is more than usual care.相关的主题文章:

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