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Henan is a mysterious ancient villages such as "mihunzhen" village to village to Beijing in China’s vast territory, many places in some corners there are many mysterious magical things exist, there are many things worth exploring. In Shangqiu Suixian, there are so some mysterious ancient villages, like "mihunzhen", do not let go after on the four corners of the world, even in the inside turn out. The author has a good sense of direction, because for many years the job interview to cultural monuments in the first village, visited the village more than a few, many directions. However, reporters in Suixian River Township, a village not only let the author can’t distinguish between the four corners of the world, but after three visits still rely on the identification of compass direction, the more feel is located in the plains of the village layout mystery. Local villagers said, not only is the author, who came to the people in the village, can not distinguish the four corners of the world. It is said that Mu Guiying was here placed "mihunzhen", or Zhu Geliang in the swing "gossip", before the formation of such a strange phenomenon. Each year to visit the village of domestic and foreign adventurer no less than one thousand people. The name of the village, Ren Zhuang, called charming village". What is more, the embankment to Ren Zhuang area is also popular with some people speculate through proverbs allusions, such as "die Ma six, to" Ren Zhuang Nan Zhang Zhuang, Dong Ji "" what extension, Nantou, this is why? Today, I will visit the Suixian with a large number of readers mysterious "charming village". Ren Zhuang Cun: Zhuang like mihunzhen not distinguish north and South and East River Ling Zhai South 500 meters, there is a place called "village mihunzhen" fall Ren Zhuang, local villagers called "charming village". This is because the river ridge is the south gate, after Ren Zhuang, Xiao Zhu Zhuang went to the southwest or South Ma Liu Cun of outsiders, all the fans turn. 63 year old villager Jia Zhengyi told the author: the people outside came to our village, there is no direction. There is a chicken, in my village had a day to turn out. I called the "charming Zhuang village" area of 110 know." Why do people go to the village will be more confused turn direction? Jia Zhengyi’s wife took over her husband’s incumbent King Taiwan Straight Talk from an honest man said: "the old people said that Mu Guiying had been a scam. Suining zhe border, there are 72 camps, that is Mu Guiying left in the pitch camp. My village is a battlefield, where she placed under the "mihunzhen" and defeated the enemy." The 66 year old villager Ren Hongli is another way of saying: in the Three Kingdoms period, when the war with the war with Cao Cao, in the array of gossip in the. The mercy of the terrain was slanting crooked, neither east nor west, not just south of the north. So, it’s easy to be charming." Is this really the case? The access to historical data, Mu Guiying is a literary legend, and its prototype is the accomplished female military commander, national hero Qin Liangyu. Since there is no history of our people, so she put the pitch camp "mihunzhen" said there is no historical basis. About Zhu Geliang in the swing baguazhen, when Cao Cao is under the jurisdiction of the eastern hinterland, since Liu Bei ask Zhu Geliang out, only in the Yangtze River Flow相关的主题文章:

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