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By , November 19, 2017 4:12 am

Hefei city intends to build ecological technology Metro culture (Figure) – Anhui – Hefei channel people.com.cn planning in the construction of Binhu ecological science and technology culture town of 11.6 square kilometers, south of the new space of the next 10-15 years become the most attractive. The reporter was informed that the Baohe district ecological technology Metro culture (tentative name) promoter region construction of detailed planning and design units to start the bidding, the future will vigorously cultivate the cultural creativity, leisure, health information services and financial services, the formation of ecological gathering area headquarters. South Chaohu formed ecological headquarters gathered in Baohe District of ecological culture of science and technology park planning area of 11.6 square kilometers, south of Chaohu, east of the city of rural tourism area (East Wei) and Binhu national Forest Park. Here is the first cultural and creative development of agglomeration war new base, the only national radio and television science and technology innovation experiment base, vigorously cultivate the cultural creativity, leisure, health information services and financial services, the formation of ecological headquarters gathered, the next 10-15 years become the most attractive new city space, Binhu national new construction, new production integration of the city development in the new model, the "transfer to promote the development of a new benchmark. The design of the starting area garden avenue to the south, Taishan Road, Jilin Road East (Planning) (Planning), west of Xi’an Road (Planning) to the north, a total area of about 140 acres, is located in the ecological culture of science and Technology Park Cultural and Creative Industry Park plate. Function and positioning to build R & D, office, display, incubation, training, trading, service, etc. as one of the park’s comprehensive functional areas. The cultural and creative industrial park is the key carrier and symbol of Hefei ecological engineering innovation, cultural city, around the general requirements of "innovation of ecological construction, creative culture", highlighting the cultural creativity, scientific research, incubation application, headquarters office theme, optimize the environment for innovation, activation of technological resources, the cultural and creative industry park construction the park has become a new cultural innovation, integrated innovation and independent innovation of the high degree of agglomeration, enhance Hefei City Lake City, innovation highlands "image. For the creative cultural industry with world-class carrier project planning capacity rate is below 1.3, the buildings on the ground total building capacity of about 120 thousand square meters, planning reflect the characteristics of the international first-class standard and cultural and creative industries, emphasis on sustainable, ecological and green idea, pay attention to the coordination of fusion and adjacent natural landscape, maintaining the integrity of ecological patterns. The space layout meet the industry demand, become the creative cultural industry advanced carrier, considering the local open to the use of underground space, the integration of enterprise interaction space and supporting services business; reasonable traffic organization and traffic flow, clear and smooth, pay attention to building the park overall composite traffic system, create a multidimensional outdoor traffic space. According to the requirements of the design phase construction of about 60 thousand square meters, including the building, radio and television technology center, talent apartment, local, business service area the number of blocks of foreign exchange, a total of about 60 thousand?, overall reflect the economic construction, mature technology of energy saving and environmental protection, the future is expected to reach the three-star green building standards; identification and Ecological Garden Road and Taishan road junction to highlight the cultural and creative industrial park. (Wang Wenlan reporter Wu)相关的主题文章:

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