Hebei boy fell well over 70 hours rescue team did not detect signs of life nlite

By , November 14, 2017 10:06 pm

The Hebei boys fall well over 70 hours of the rescue team did not detect signs of life in the original title: Hebei Lixian County boys fall wells exceeded 70 hours of rescue team that has not yet detected signs of life Beijing News News (reporter Li Ming Zhao Lei) from the Hebei Lixian County 6 year old boy has been falling well over 70 hours. This morning, the rescue team blue rescue team captain Pang Zhi said in an interview with the media, the rescue team has not yet detected signs of life underground. For the depth of the pit to be dug, Pang said, there are 7 estimates, each section of about 95 cm. 6 noon, 11 pm, Hebei Lixian County Meng Changcun 6 year old boy Zhao Zicong suspected of falling about 40 meters deep well. Today early morning at about 7, the Beijing News (WeChat ID:bjnews_xjb) reporter from the Lixian County rescue scene learned that currently involved in the rescue of the construction vehicles reached more than and 140 units, rescue personnel more than and 500 people, donated nearly 100 thousand yuan of relief supplies, food supplies a total of more than 2 thousand and 400 enterprises to provide 10 tons of diesel, love. Today morning, blue rescue team captain Pang Zhi introduction to the Beijing News reporter said the latest progress of the rescue, at about 3 in the morning, the rescue plan changed again, because of the well as soil wall tube wells, taking into account before shipped with threads, when used to enhance resistance, overnight replacement for the smooth tube wall. Morning to 9 pm, the scene has been replaced by a smooth cylinder diameter of 2 meters, 1.5 meters high, will continue to take the big sleeve barrel operations, is currently taking a group of 16 people in artificial mining shovel. Not for the underground mining depth, blue rescue team captain Pang Zhi this morning 8 when Xu said in an interview with reporters, is currently unable to determine the depth, can only estimate the underground wall should have seven day "," almost every section length 95 cm". According to Pang introduced, the underground is very wet, the rescue team to use the existing detection equipment has not been detected underground signs of life, the child’s situation is not clear." For the subsequent rescue time, Pang said, according to this schedule should be very fast". Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章:

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