Harbin two water supply facilities maintenance and transformation of two batches of project started-restorator

By , April 10, 2018 10:48 am

Harbin City secondary water supply facilities renovation project started by the second batch of district water supply facilities and other causes of "the leaking water" and "water point" and other issues have to affect the lives of many people. In November 10th, the first batch of two water supply facilities in Harbin will be completed. At the appointed time, 30 thousand residents in 7 districts of Daoli, Daowai and Nangang will completely bid farewell to the above problems and drink "assured water"". At the same time, the two batch reconstruction project also started immediately, involving 22 thousand and 400 households in 12 districts of Daoli, Daowai, Nangang, bungalow and Xiangfang, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year. It is understood that in June 2016 the Harbin city renovation project started two water supply facilities will use about four years time for the transformation of two water supply facilities of the old district of the City Jiangnan Road, Nangang, Xiangfang, and other districts outside the cottage, and solve the problems involving leaking and water pressure water supply facilities within the district hundreds of thousands of people. "Mopanshan is high quality, high standard of Mopanshan water sources…… Over the years, Harbin great efforts, spending huge sums to do "water article" to allow the public to drink the "safe water". However, because the property management is not in place and other reasons, some areas of water supply facilities often appear Paomaodilou problem, let the people suffered a "difficult to draft"." Harbin Water Department official said, in order to open up the people drink safe water blocking in the last mile, in June this year, Harbin two water supply facilities renovation project started. It is understood that the first batch of reconstruction projects involving Daoli, Daowai, Nangang 7 areas, involving nearly 30 thousand residents. The renovation project of Tongda street and Dafang district was completed in October 29th and November 2nd, and water supply has been started. Ande street, and the street, road, Qing Yuan Shi Jie, Delhi area will be completed in 10 days ago. After the pumping station, water supply pipeline, water meter and a series of two water supply facilities renovation and renewal, completely solve the residents worried about water pollution and the leaking problem. After completion of the project, the district water supply department receives the two water supply facilities management, residents need no longer worry about property abandoned pipe, water supply facilities, no maintenance and other issues. The second batch transformation project involves 12 districts in 5 districts of Daoli, Daowai, Nangang, bungalow and Xiangfang, and plans to integrate more than 40 scattered small pumping stations into 12 regional centralized water supply pumping stations, at the same time, rebuild the two water supply facilities of 22 thousand and 400 households. It is understood that the two water supply facilities transformation project adopts the project legal person responsibility system, Harbin water supply group as the implementation of the main body and project legal person organization and implementation, fulfill the quality, progress, investment and safety control responsibilities. The centralized pumping station area, the transformation conditions permit uniform use of existing pumping stations, abandoned boiler room construction standard pumping station, merging area scattered small pumping station; for a centralized pumping station area, combined with the old pumping station upgrade, in the existing scale conditions allowed, small pumping station by laying the pipeline and scattered around. The reconstruction project will gradually build the two water supply intelligent information platform in 5 regions, namely, Daoli, Daowai, Nangang, Xiangfang and bungalow, and monitor the two water supply online.

哈尔滨市二次供水设施维修改造二批次工程启动 因小区内供水设施跑冒滴漏等原因造成的“夜来水”“定点水”等问 题曾经给许多市民的生活造成影响。11月10日,哈尔滨市二次供水设施维修改造第一批次工程将完工,届时,道里、道外、南岗7个片区的3万户居民将彻底告 别上述问题而畅饮“放心水”。与此同时,二批次改造工程也立即启动,涉及道里、道外、南岗、平房、香坊12个片区的2.24万户居民,预计年底前完工。据 了解,于2016年6月启动的哈市主城区二次供水设施改造工程将利用四年左右时间对江南主城区道里、南岗、平房、香坊、道外等五区的老旧小区二次供水设施 进行改造,彻底解决涉及数十万户市民小区内供水设施跑冒滴漏及水压不足等问题。 “优质的磨盘山水源地、高标准的磨盘山净水厂……多年来,哈市下大力度、斥巨资做好‘水文章’,为的就是让市民喝上‘放心水’。然而因物业管理不到位等种 种原因,一些小区内的供水设施时常出现跑冒滴漏等问题,让市民遭遇了‘吃水难’。”哈市水务部门相关负责人表示,为了打通阻碍市民畅饮“放心水”的最后一 公里,今年6月,哈市启动二次供水设施改造工程。 据了解,第一批次改造工程涉及道里、道外、南岗的7个片区,涉及居民近3万户。其中通达街和大方里片区改造工程分别于10月29日和11月2日完成,已开 始供水。安德街、中和街、清滨路、元士街、地德里区域将在10日前完工。经过对泵站、小区供水管线、水表等一系列二次供水设施的改造和换新,彻底解决了居 民担心的水质污染和跑冒滴漏问题。工程完工后,辖区供水部门接收二次供水设施管理工作,居民不必再担心物业弃管、供水设施无人维修等问题。第二批次改造工 程涉及道里、道外、南岗、平房、香坊5个城区的12个片区,计划将40余座散小泵站整合改造为12座区域化集中供水泵站,同时改造2.24万户居民的二次 供水设施。 据了解,二次供水设施改造工程采用项目法人负责制,由哈尔滨供水集团作为实施主体和项目法人组织实施,履行质量、进度、投资及安全控制等职责。对无集中式 泵站区域,改造将在条件允许情况下统一利用现有泵站、废弃锅炉房建设标准化泵站,撤并区域内分散小型泵站;对于有集中式泵站区域,结合老旧泵站改造升级, 在现有规模允许的条件下,通过敷设管线撤并周边分散小泵站。改造工程将逐步建设道里、道外、南岗、香坊、平房5个区域二次供水智能信息平台,在线监测二次 供水水质、水量、水压及泵站运行状态,实现信息化、智能化、实时化的科学管理。相关的主题文章:

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