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[haoxuan Shuangseqiu lottery 365] 16101: basketball three yards 0103 14- Sohu China welfare lottery Shuangseqiu lottery results 2016100th period: 031022232729 + 04, and 114, three than 2:1:3, repeat 2, even 2. The sales of 335027586 yuan, 4 note first prize 9 million 560 thousand, 2016101 prize pool accumulated 960230040 yuan, double chromosphere forecast: size ratio: the size ratio of 4:2, a large number of number code enhancement, according to the situation, this issue is still optimistic about the size of strong heat out of proportion to the size of the key recommendation 4:2. Weight code: the number of weight out of 2327, the number of the recent rebound momentum, preventing cold period, do not pay attention to the number issued, no recommendation. Leading: on the issue number 03, the preferred 1 codes to occupy the first place, reference number 0104. Phoenix: on the issue number 29, the need to pay attention to the odd, priority 01 code, reference number 3133. Numbers: even the last out of 2223, even a region nearly 10 in 1 times, two even 2 times, three even 3 times, the overall performance of the doldrums even code. This period is not optimistic even out code, no reference. Mantissa: last out of 5 tail 30279, nearly five the number of mantissa trend for the period 5-5-5-3-5, the mantissa is between 4-5, even the tail 2-3, tail mantissa focus on 048. The red ball 12 yards: 0104111315202426 28303133 three: 152831 red double red bile bile: 1531 red alone: 31 basketball analysis: on stage out of small code 04, see the overall size distribution, nearly 10 period continuous small code covering, the code number increased, according to a new trend to date, still need to be established small code. At present, even continuous out, according to the previous number trend, a new focus on the odd period. Five yards: 0102031415 basketball basketball three yards: 010314 basketball alone: 01 8+1 combat recommendation: 0411152024283031 (source: 365 + 01 lottery)相关的主题文章:

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