Han Jun put forward a pre emptive strike the Pyongyang part of the region from the map to erase-diying

By , April 15, 2018 12:22 pm

Han Jun proposed a pre emptive strike: the Pyongyang area wiped from the map data figure: South Korean Air Force also has a variety of means to fight the Pyongyang original title: Han put forward against the "concept of operations" part of the region of Pyongyang or disappeared from the map of Russia "Izvestia" said 10, Western countries hope that North Korea sanctions asphyxia, and Russia and Chinese believe that the only way to get out of the peninsula complex situation is the resumption of the six party talks. Moscow University of International Relations associate professor Warren Geoff said that North Korea does not refuse to negotiate, on the contrary, North Korea has suggested the resumption of negotiations with South Korea, but was refused by the United states. In fact, the United States is the real driving force of the North Korean nuclear test. On the face of the situation, all countries support the talks on North Korea, and only China and Russia really support the dialogue. Russian news agency said the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov 10, said on the North Korean nuclear issue, in addition to sticks and whips, there are other possibilities, the burial of the six party talks is too early, need to find ways to restore the six party talks. North Korea responded to 11 U.S. condemnation. According to the Korean Central News Agency reported that a spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the same day, because of North Korea’s successful nuclear test and Obama issued a statement on tenterhooks says North Korea is "peace breaker" and advocating sanctions, in an attempt to cover up the policy toward its failures, it is foolish. The nuclear test is a step to deal with North Korea led by the United States forces hostile to the threat of nuclear war and sanctions of the practical measures, that as long as the enemy provocation, North Korea will tit for tat super hard will. Spokesman said, the United States for decades as one day on the North Korean nuclear threat is North Korea will be pushed to the point of today’s motive power. In response to the U.S. nuclear threat, North Korea will further improve the quality of national nuclear force. Agence France-Presse, a spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry asked the United States to recognize the DPRK is "legitimate nuclear weapon states". North Korea’s fifth nuclear test, the battle between the two Koreas soared to new heights. The South Korean President Park Geun hye direct battle group of Kim Jeong-eun "in the spirit of thorough control of the state", "North Korea national reconciliation agreement," the 10 issued a warning letter, criticism is the "National Park". Yonhap said on the 11, the Korean military in response to North Korea’s nuclear test will punish considerations, the establishment of large-scale operation concept. According to this idea, Pyongyang is divided into several regions, once found North Korea with nuclear weapons signs, Han Jun will use a lot of ballistic missiles or high explosive bombs razed the DPRK army high command is or may be hiding in the area, "Pyongyang part of the region will disappear from the map". Han Jun is also set up in North Korea to use nuclear weapons signs on the DPRK army headquarters to destroy Ranger regiment "action". In addition, the United States, "Reagan" nuclear aircraft carrier will participate in the Korea US exercises next month to deter North korea.相关的主题文章:

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