Hainan officials bribes 550 thousand yuan was sentenced to probation for 5 party inspection protest tataufo

By , November 19, 2017 2:55 pm

Hainan officials bribes 550 thousand yuan was sentenced to probation for 5 party inspection protest – Sohu News newspaper news (reporter Li Xuanfu) reporter from Hainan Province, Qionghai city procuratorate was informed that the hospital recently for major crimes and sentencing improper protest. Hainan province grain feed company manager Pan Zhengzhuang bribery case, and procuratorial organs of Hainan Province, the province commissariat system collapse mode series of corruption cases in the case, shall be handled by the Hainan provincial procuratorate designated Qionghai city procuratorate. Prosecutors to identify, Pan Zhengzhuang used his office. Other grain reserve purchase funds, to provide free grain reserve warehouse and equipment for private dealers, dealers, developers wantonly accepting private giving the so-called "commissions totaling 550 thousand yuan. The case by Qionghai city procuratorate prosecution, Qionghai City Court found the defendant Pan Zhengzhuang bribery 550 thousand yuan, a huge amount, sentenced Pan Zhengzhuang to three years imprisonment, suspended for five years, and fined 250 thousand yuan. After the verdict was announced, the Qionghai municipal procuratorate after examination that the verdict finds that the facts of the crime are clear, the evidence is indeed sufficient, qualitative and accurate, but the defendant Pan Zhengzhuang probation inappropriate, should be corrected. Qionghai procuratorate review: the defendant Pan Zhengzhuang does not meet the conditions for probation. According to the provisions of the criminal law, probation must also have less serious crimes, there is repentance, there is no risk of re offending, probation to live in the community without significant adverse effects and other conditions. The defendant Pan Zhengzhuang huge amount of bribes, the circumstances are serious, is a major job-related crimes, the circumstances of the crime does not belong to the circumstances of the crime is relatively light, does not meet the conditions for probation. The defendant truthfully confessed, although the case has not yet mastered the initiative to explain the small part of the same other criminal facts, all ill gotten gains, but still can not apply to probation. Even the full payment of the fine penalty can be guilty, lenient punishment, but can not break through probation criminal conditions. Qionghai city procuratorate also believes that Pan Zhengzhuang bribery case belongs to the law prohibits the application of probation case. The defendant Pan Zhengzhuang used his position to facilitate the management of grain reserves and rotation, wantonly accepting private grain, builders give commissions, if the circumstances are serious, adverse effects, strong social reflect. According to the law, the court of crimes committed before and after the case analysis should influence the social attention to the duty crime cases reflect, vile and strong social reflect, no probation. For the maintenance of justice, Qionghai city procuratorate was to protest, asked the court verdict.相关的主题文章:

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