Guangdong Travel Fair turnover of 800 million yuan to strengthen and The Belt and Road National

By , April 19, 2018 3:02 am

Guangdong Travel Fair turnover of 800 million yuan to strengthen and The Belt and Road "National Tourism Cooperation – Beijing, China News Agency, Guangzhou, September 11 (reporter Cheng Jingwei) 2016 Guangdong International Tourism Expo 11 in Guangzhou ended, according to official statistics, the current travel fair tourism products traded hit a record high, is expected to three days sales of 800 million yuan (RMB, same below), enter the public over 500 thousand people. According to preliminary statistics, a total of 55 countries and regions in the world, China’s 23 provinces and cities exhibitors exhibitors, at home and abroad, a total of more than and 50 professional buyers delegation. The Guangdong Travel Fair 21 exhibitors online travel business line for the history of the most, 100 thousand travel places for the public, profit more than 100 million yuan, Thailand, Kampuchea and other Belt and Road Initiative along the countries and regions are welcome. The Guangdong Travel Fair "and strengthen cooperation in tourism The Belt and Road along the countries and regions, in addition to setting along the national exhibition, also held two related seminar topics. Southern Airlines in the promotion meeting, will actively use the "The Belt and Road building, opened along the Silk Road on the sea of relevant countries and regions of the route, the second half of this year plans to open Guangzhou – Adelaide, Guangzhou – Malacca, Australia, Guangzhou, Vietnam and Da Nang and other routes. Deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Tourism Bureau Mei Qijie said, "and Guangdong to promote tourism exchanges and cooperation The Belt and Road along the country and the Asia Pacific region, to promote bilateral tourism investment, market interaction, to jointly promote the development of cruise tourism product line, and sincerely welcome all investors to participate in the Guangdong global tourism, tourist town, rural tourism development and construction sharing, south of the Five Ridges tourism development achievements. (end)相关的主题文章:

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