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By , November 14, 2017 10:03 pm

Guan Jinsheng attended the November 2nd Forum for the exchange of financial asset securitization, financial asset securitization investment trust and art exchange forum held in Beijing, China securities father gold Mr., macro economists Guan Qingyou teacher to participate in the forum and discussed the current economic situation of the industry layout, art trends and other hot issues. In addition, the vice president of the United States and silver Chi Chi also invited to attend the event, and did a text exchange boost cultural industry finance, the keynote speech. He pointed out that the new wealth, in China social development needs new impetus, the national investment needs of the new platform under the background of the times, the exchange is an industry came into being, it carries the mission of the times, but also shoulder the responsibility of leading the cultural financial development, and put forward the "Ideological and cultural center to cross-border unbounded" the. At the same time, as the famous macroeconomists, the tube kiyotomo teacher also at the scene and we discuss the layout of the industry development, and other issues about the art trust investment mode under the current economic situation. Tube teacher believes that the current global financial asset returns in a comprehensive decline stage, and art investment is at this time highlights the strong asset allocation attributes. The external investment environment All flowers bloom together. plus internal art investment, making art investment development opportunities ushered in a golden, art investment is one of the future development trend of investment. In fact, we can find that the cultural industry, financial industry, small to the art industry, film and television industry, in the era of the Internet are moving towards the direction of integration and development. The rise of cultural industry needs innovation, but need to integrate innovation, with the financial strength, for the community to add new wealth, for the national investment to build a new platform, to enhance the cultural and social development of new power, finally realize the rise of art industry, film and television industry the cultural industry, cultural renaissance. The data link of 1: tube Jinsheng, domestic senior financial experts, Shanghai in 1988 to build the first securities company — Wanguo Securities Company, the securities company Zhang Guoqing and Ann Yuanjun, Shenyin Securities and Chinese called Han Zhidong, the stock market "Chinese securities godfather". Guan Li, Ph.D., Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University. Currently president of Minsheng securities assistant, executive director of the Institute, chief macroeconomic researcher, served as senior researcher of China’s economic system reform research. Data link 2: Guan Qingyou: art investment near the bottom asset class allocation under shortage should be included in the investment offbeat field has a bottom-up gradually developed market is gradually into the categories of asset allocation investors view — art investment market may become a dark horse. 1, the opportunity to invest in art, first of all, from the current decline in the rate of return on physical investment in China’s economy has long been the bottom of the L type has become the consensus of the market. The real economy is facing the old economy to production capacity, reduce leverage and new economic growth, financing difficulties. According to our estimates, the current rate of return on physical investment is about 4%, it is difficult to cover the cost of financing (in the 3 quarter of 2015, the weighted average interest rate of RMB loans of financial institutions 5.7s相关的主题文章:

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