Grab pick up the file snail Wang Kai turned overbearing

By , April 16, 2018 5:02 am

"Catch" by "snail" Wang Kai turned overbearing president of Sina entertainment news with fashionable urban love drama "abandon me, hold me" fixed gear announced in mid December in Hunan satellite TV broadcast only in 2016, near the end, there have been "if love" plus snail hesui action comedy film "railway the flying tiger", Wang Kai [micro-blog] will have three works of continuous attack, but also were challenging for three different types of roles. The small screen big screen bombarded Wang Kai open PA screen mode from Wang Kai starred in the TV series "if criminal investigation snails have love" is hit, he played the police Baiguang popular season. And another of his urban love drama "abandon me, hold me" also recently announced, will be landing in Hunan TV Golden theater broadcast only in mid December. Different from the "snail" Zhou broadcast mode, "give me up, hold on to me" actually updated every day. Not only that, by Ding Sheng [micro-blog] director Jackie Chan [micro-blog], Wang Kai starred in the action comedy "Flying Tiger" railway will also be released at the end of 12. The president handed Interpol actor Wang Kai seamless switching one thousand Wang Kai from the debut, starred in many popular works, but also because of the excellent acting by the audience favorite, and he is willing to try different types of roles, the audience does not feel the same. In "if love" snail, starring Wang Kai Interpol bahls integrity strong and vigorous, even if not for the first time in the police, jump off from the previous works of characters, deduce another predator charm of police action, and "the eyes kill people relish. In the upcoming on-line, give up me, hold me, Wang Kai first attempt to bully the role of president, starred in the designer and President of DU group, Chen Yidu. In the film, "the railway Flying Tiger", Wang Kai is challenged to play the role of the sharpshooter Fan Chuan, a large number of action scenes and horse show is bound to refresh the impression that once again left us by Wang Kai. (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章:

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