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By , April 17, 2018 9:00 am

Good daughter-in-law   take care of paralyzed mother seventeen years – Anhui Channel – "for so many years thanks to the lover’s care, my mother was up to now, no." When a reporter recently walked into the village Liu Shuxia Tongguanshan District liberation of Tongling City, her husband Lu Jie said gratefully. Brush, changing diapers, feeding, these things to the 46 year old Liu Shuxia, now very deft. In August 1999, 56 year old Fu Shouying sudden stroke, after the rescue is to save lives, but was paralyzed after completely bedridden. At that time, more than and 20 year old Liu Shuxia and Lu Jie still in love. Liu Shuxia about the incident, never abandon, decided to marry into the Lu family, and assume the responsibility to take care of her mother Fu Shouying. "The husband go to work in the smelter, usually evening. She fell ill after eating and sleeping in bed, had to be nursed." Liu Shuxia said. To this end, her every two hours to turn over her mother-in-law, clean diaper change. 3 times a day wash summer every day to bathe her mother-in-law on his deathbed, let the mother-in-law feel comfortable. In 2012, Fu Shouying lost the ability to swallow, the doctor suggested that patients with tube feeding nutrition. The tube feeding needs to be diluted food into the syringe, then slowly injected into the stomach, to the patient’s body, to ensure their normal diet. At the beginning she and I are ignorant, don’t know what to do." Lu Jie said, the first is Liu Shuxia every day with my mother to the hospital feeding, then she felt back and forth too much trouble, simply with the doctor to tube feeding and intubation technique, personally to the elderly and go to the hospital for a week feeding tube. Rice, chicken…… Liu Shuxia tried to prepare nutritious meals, so that the elderly eat well. The reporter found in the home of Liu Shuxia, the house neat and clean, don’t smell a smell, hundreds of diapers are ready…… 17 years of stick and toil, let this once beautiful girl became a middle-aged woman with grey hair and wrinkles. The meticulous care of her experience, the story has become neighbors. (commissioning editor Wu Xilu and Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章:

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