Good beyond the limits of the human body by the jujitsu queen of

By , April 15, 2018 8:04 am

"Good" beyond the limits of the human body by the jujitsu queen judges praised Chinese jujitsu literary family Liu Teng a world-class jujitsu performance "the case" of Uygur dance performances last week, Liaoning TV guest "Chinese family" of the Shenyang fire brigade rescue dog squadron and "Mama" Kong Qingyu family for the weekend brings joy and emotion. This week the "Chinese family" to continue to surprise the audience, two groups of young girls as the core of the family, to show Liang Hongda thumbs up? What is the experience of the audience greatly? "Jiu Jitsu Queen" Liu Teng performing live beyond the limit in this episode, "jujitsu Queen" Liu Tengxie family’s arrival added a new aspect to the show. At the scene, Liu Teng performed several groups of high difficulty jujitsu movement beyond the limits of the human body, the softness of the shocked Feng Xiaoquan to pick up the mobile phone to take pictures, also make the staid Liang Hongda at the end of the show a thumbs up. So "outstanding" is how to practice? Liu Teng’s father tells the story behind the Liu Teng Jiu Jitsu training hard, what is the power to let the young girl persist? What is the recipe for keeping Shao Feng [micro-blog] feeling "I still don’t lose weight"? At least ten hours a day, hundreds of repetitions of each exercise, or even how to get the support of her family because of the shock of training for the three time After becoming a "China jujitsu Queen", Liu Teng’s occupation career will decide on what path to follow? In this wonderful period "China family". Xinjiang barracks three sisters sisters guardian Liaoning ship from Xinjiang is a group of special family, they are the ship’s Liaoning barracks sisters, blood sway in the youth, to protect the motherland. Liaoning aircraft carrier, referred to as "Liaoning ship", is the Chinese people’s Liberation Army Navy’s first aircraft can be equipped with fixed wing aircraft carrier. In the program, they happened in Liaoning ship sour, sweet, bitter, hot story, in the sea of life in the camp is what? What is the difference between military training on land? The sisters live show first birthday in Liaoning ship photos, warm scene audience moved. Dressed in national costumes danced folk dance their charming, charming, put on camouflage uniforms they don’t like sunshine warm, youth story in this period "China family". 21:10 tonight, Liaoning TV "Chinese family" sweet story not to be missed! (commissioning editor: Laurie)相关的主题文章:

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