Golden sister dumped 60 million fans off ins had cited dissatisfaction due to photo-homefront

By , April 15, 2018 8:05 am

Golden girl dumped 60 million fans off Ins had cited dissatisfaction with the ballerina photo evaluation ins page Kendall Ken bean magazine Sina entertainment news according to foreign media reports, the reality show star and popular supermodel "golden girl" Kendall – Jenna (Kendall Jenner) on Sunday to close the personal IG account and caused suspicion as Justin Bibb, a close personal social accounts star. Just as IG’s users are accustomed to the days when Bibb left. The well-known social media IG recently once again lost a member of "powder" general Jenna Kendall, supermodel also recently deleted personal account. The report pointed out that over the weekend after the 20 year old model no longer appear on his IG page, many users trying to click into her personal page, the system pop-up message: sorry, this page can’t find! In recent weeks, Jenna IG or standard "Red Net" Daily: she posted their just niece photos, and his friend Bella Hadid (Bella Hadid), Carly Claus (Karlie Kloss) with photos, and also encourage their fans to participate in the election to vote. However, not everything is as smooth as it seems. Ken bean received a lot of fans in September when the poor, it was due to her for the Spanish version of "vogue" filmed a group of ballet dancers to imitate a large film. Later, there are a lot of professional ballet dancers through social media expressed dissatisfaction, said Ken bean’s actions had "beyond a reality show star occupation category", in this regard, Ken bean also wrote a long article back open in the blog, said he just according to the work request of a lot of people seriously. "In the magazine work, until I do not know other makeup before, this time I need to play a ballet dancer, I never said that she was a ballet dancer, but have not received any professional training, I only do so because this is my work content!" In addition, she also said that these bad comments and accusations will not affect her to continue to work hard, insist on doing their own. And at the same time, "I never meant to offend anyone" and "respect for any woman who has done a good job."." In an interview in September, Ken bean once said: there are a lot of my good friend my social account, or even family members, they are very dependent on the contact and communication, so I can not quit it. But I will regularly delete some of my twitter, IG published content. As for the "exit" event with vigour and vitality is dead or temporary? Ken is the only one who knows. But for the fans like the social goddess, the only thing that is fortunate that her Facebook, snapchat and Twitter account is still available. (Wen Jia Jia)相关的主题文章:

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