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Software Up until recently, I didnt think of myself as the type of person who could be drawn in by a reality show. Dont get me wrongI enjoy a wide variety of programming. Im not so highbrow that I only watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-runs for their .mentary on contemporary societal roles and existentialism. Reality shows, on the other hand, never held much appeal for me. That all changed when CBS rolled out its new series, Undercover Boss. The show is .pelling for a number of reasons. Its fun (and admittedly, a little gratifying) to watch a corporate executive struggle with performing the manual day-to-day tasks that keep his enterprise running smoothly. At the same time, its eye-opening when an undercover boss realizes that there are changes that she can implement to improve conditions and make operations far more efficient. By getting down and dirty in the trenches, an undercover boss gains a far greater appreciation for the intricacies of the everyday business processes that are the cornerstone of enterprise operations. Which brings me to the crux of this article: How well do you know your business processes? Like a lot of businesses leaders, you are probably aware of the benefits that you can achieve with electronic document management. Maybe youve looked beyond document management at process automation, BPM, workflow, and other technologies that are associated with enterprise content management (ECM). ECM helps organizations improve turnaround and process work more efficientlyregardless of their size or industry. But in order to be successful with the software, you need to have an awareness of the .ponents that make up the work that flows throughout your organization. A lot of organizations make the mistake of implementing ECM before they have a grasp on their business processes. They hear about the superior returns that are possible with process automation, so they implement electronic workflows in place of manual processes without first examining and improving those processes. Instead of enhancing a process, they find a way to duplicate existing inefficiencies. Lets look at it another way: imagine a golfer (try not to visualize Tiger Woodshes not applicable to this scenario) who works on his drive diligently. In spite of practice and repetition, he doesnt notice any improvement in his distance or accuracy. He wonders why, after working so hard at his hobby, he is unable to attain any benefits. Analysis of his swing may uncover simple mechanical adjustments that could be made to improve his results. By practicing a swing without the benefit of analysis, the golfer runs the risk of reinforcing bad habits. By the same token, Undercover Boss is enlightening because it allows business leaders to grasp the connectedness of their operations. They see how processes are interrelated from the ground all the way to the top, and they are offered insight as to how to improve overall processes with insider knowledge. They gain an appreciation of the small .ponents of the enterprise that have tremendous impact. Are you pursuing the right goals? One en.passing theme that the show offers is the realization that, in pursuit of profits, .panies often take shortcuts that ultimately devalue their bottom line. Organizations enforce rules with the best intentions, but often the repercussions of these rules are not considered. Expecting one employee to do the job of two or more people may seem like a logical cost-cutting measure initially. But when that employee runs the risk of burning out, or takes shortcuts because that is the only way to meet .pany milestones, everybody losesthe .pany, the employee, and the customers. The overall lesson from this scenario is that process improvementunless it is implemented with an enterprise vision and input from various departments/usersmay have unintended consequences. Consider the case of the business that implements process improvement without taking a holistic view. It happens more readily than youd think. An organization invests in an ECM system, receives immediate benefits from enacting electronic imaging, storage, and retrieval, and doesnt progress beyond basic document management. Its true that you can receive dramatic benefits by converting your paper documents to electronic. But until you implement workflow and automation, youre barely scratching the surface of the technologys capabilities. Its like owning a Lamborghini and not driving it above 25 mph. True process improvement starts with a deep awareness of your business processes. You need to know what departments are doing today, and what information is required for them to perform optimally. You also need to cross reference those needs with your .panys existing and future goals to validate that these activities are current and are in line with .pany objectives. Once that is established, you can begin to assess where required information is located, e.g., within documents, existing LOB applications, websites, knowledge workers themselves, etc. At this point, you can use ECM to capture, extract, evaluate, and move information to the right person, application, location, etc. to enable work to be processed efficiently and effectively. By directing work throughout your enterprise and delivering it to the people and applications that need it for processing, ECM facilitates quicker turnaround, informed decision-making, and improved consistency and accountability. Put the clicker down Jerry Seinfeld said famously, Men dont want to know whats on television. They want to know what else is on television. Clearly, he did not foresee a day when a reality show might offer business acumen. If youve watched Undercover Boss, you may have learned some lessons that you can apply to your own organization. You dont need to be a TV personality to recognize that process enhancement can yield tremendous returns in areas of efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. If you are considering implementing ECM software, strongly consider undergoing a process evaluation so that you can get the most functionality for your investment. Look for a system with the flexibility, extensibility, and integration capability to enhance and streamline operations throughout your enterprise. A high-performance solution does not have to break your bank. If you have an ECM system already, is it living up to your expectations? If not, are your results due to short.ings in the software? Or are there short.ings in your core business processes? If your operations are not running at peak efficiency, it may be time to discover how insider knowledge of your business processes can lead to improved returns. Could you be getting more functionality from your investment? Talk to your vendor about the benefits of an in-depth process analysis. You might be surprised by what youll find. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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