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By , November 19, 2017 4:03 pm

God Tucao: come to this world is not going to go back alive – Sohu news soon is Halloween. The highlight is certainly dressed as a variety of way to scare people! I have designed to dress up, this is not "do not trick on sugar," so simple!   a man of sour sarcasm: can a Halloween makeup girl, nice! A feminist God replies: you take off your pants can be children’s day! Better!   in fact, the truth is the journey to the West in the celestial Halloween, the gods were sent to earth Cosplay into a ten meters, demons and ghosts, one hundred meters, caught a monk, a monkey costume wait for baby to knock on the door. The baby has a lot of temper, every one will shout: don’t give Tang.   love is the most love to kill! Halloween promotions as a commercial brand communication and marketing major, must not miss this rare love pinch each time. On this day, who who please.   so, in the world the tear forced war raging like a storm, popular, can be nine days of tear force, under the five foreign mutual black, not pinched must be new! In the political arena, will be forced to tear out, pinch each other black to dark day is also secret……   [PK] Coca-Cola Pepsi Pepsi at Halloween as a satire of Coca-Cola ads (left), referring to Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola’s fans use the same ads to fight Pepsi, but the text changed: every ordinary people want to be a hero. The irony of Pepsi is the ordinary people of the borrowing power to do evil, but life, but in the Coca-Cola logo cloak a hero.   Straw meekly into Pepsi, but in Coca-Cola jar give dying kicks before, even Straw know Pepsi choice.   if you think: the same is coke water, fratricidal?! It broke the pattern tucson! This year is out of the way! The oldest and second oldest PK, third is injured! Such as: Coca-Cola PK Pepsi Cola disappeared; and it is PK Wanglaoji JDB, disappeared; Apple PK Samsung, NOKIA disappeared; PK officials mistress’s wife, disappeared; the government PK corrupt officials, the year-end welfare disappeared; the most classic is the Mid Autumn Festival PK National Day, disappeared on Sunday; this year’s holiday PK last holiday, new year’s Eve disappeared.   [PK] McDonald’s Burger King you may have seen the famous highway billboards. McDonald’s in this giant sign a detailed list of how to drive to Burger King, to do this you need to open 258 kilometers to arrive at a Burger King stores recently, and if you are looking for McDonald’s, then drive five kilometers to go oh. Come on!   walk this road the driver saw the two pieces of high contrast adorable signs, estimated to be careless driving. Although McDonald’s "dwarf", but still can make people feel the full "mocking face", for burger king’s psychological shadow area.   burger king back]相关的主题文章:

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