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By , April 16, 2018 7:41 pm

"Ghost" hospital today release   five "Jing" little tremor in mind — entertainment channel, directed by Yin Guojun, Queen Bianca Bai, Taiwan idol drama Li Changxi, Law Ka Ying, Meng Peng and other powerful actor starring Guoneishoubu haunted hospital theme scary movie "ghost" today officially shown to the public hospital. The film combines suspense and the supernatural, and bloody, Oriental inferius resurrection and other elements of horror, read constantly, bring disruptive horror experience for the audience, then the audience secret videos of five "surprise". "Shock": "a domestic hospital haunted" terrorist theme debut around the "hospital" as a unique theme of horror movie, "ghost" Hospital of the first comprehensive hospital about the ghost story, is the innovation of this kind of domestic theme of horror films try terrorist elements novel stimuli, refresh the audience taste. In addition, the hospital itself is a haunted legends, supernatural events emerge in an endless stream where the film is based on a true story in the haunted hospital, interlocking plot compact design, the sense is also more prominent, to the audience and create a new double terrorist psychology and visual experience. "Shock" point two: hardcore "inferius Carrie shock struck legend hospital morgue Yin is very heavy, long body which will turn into different inferius, then killed the blood sucking cannibal. The film from the scene arrangement to build, or terrorist atmosphere, will "inferius" the revival of this terrible events of terror, to seize the audience for the hospital’s terror, adding elements of many European and American horror film, bloody violence "inferius" Carrie depicts, the visual impact is enough I believe will meet more shocking, "fear of the hardcore fans, the horror film made up of a height. "Shock" point three: professional team to create a combination of Chinese and Western "ghost" the effects of high-energy hospital uses is very professional makeup team and special packaging team will inferius, Carrie doctors, nurses and other strange things shaping the bloody horror thriller infiltration, gloomy hospital corridor, can be seen everywhere in the strange scene, chilly the morgue and many hardcore horror of the effects are comparable to foreign terrorist blockbusters, is really a combination of Chinese and western, bloody and supernatural coexist, the visual impact of the burst table, can let the audience see". "Shock" point four: "haunted" hospital real shooting "ghost hospital" the whole film side of Shanghai in a haunted hospital for real shooting, build and layout of the filming location is the pursuit of details, rich atmosphere of terror. According to relevant sources, including sound shrill voice film from the actor true feelings. In order to make their characters more sense of fear, all the sound effects are completed in the real atmosphere of the hospital, after the screening, only to create a sense of fear of being exposed to the air. It is said that the shooting also encountered some strange events, and finally shot out of the picture there are some strange things…… "Shock" point five: Hongkong big coffee comedy "Law Ka Ying" portrait of joining in "ghost" is a portrait of the hospital invited Hongkong comedy coffee)相关的主题文章:

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