Get big! Exposure Cuban want to ban all ESPN reporters were protesting-diqua

By , April 19, 2018 3:09 am

Big! Cuban wants to ban all ESPN exposure reporters were all protest wayward Cuban sina sports news Beijing time on November 8th, according to the "star Telegraph" reported that the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has canceled two ESPN famous reporter Mark – Mike Ma Hong and Tim stern in season interview in Dallas qualification. According to the latest news, the Mavericks may then block all ESPN reporters. Yesterday, the U.S. media have exposed ESPN reporter Mark – Tim – Mike stern and McMahon is Dallas cancel the interview interview qualification, and ESPN subsequently confirmed the news. However, according to the "star Telegraph" in today’s news, the Mavericks may block all ESPN reporters. "We are very confused about the Mavericks’ qualification to cancel two highly respected and experienced NBA journalists." In a statement released today, the Professional Basketball Association said, "there is no advantage for the mavericks. We require the Mavericks to change their decision or that NBA alliance can intervene and allow Mark and Tim at the Mike Mahon to continue their work." After the incident, Mavericks boss Cuban in the United States today, the reporter Sam – interview with Amie, said: "I do not want to talk about the details, but this is nothing to do with the content of the report (ESPN). This is a bigger problem. ESPN can write anything they want to write, and it has always been so. It has nothing to do with our decision." Cuban hinted on twitter that the cancellation of the qualification of ESPN reporter was a business decision, but he did not disclose the specific reasons. NBA spokesman Michael – bath in an interview with the star Telegraph said the alliance is on the matter with ESPN and Mark – to communicate with the. Cuban ESPN news reporters to cancel the qualification caused no small vibration in the NBA, to protest a number of ESPN senior reporter through social media, responsible for the thunder team reporter Royce Yang said on Twitter: "if Cuban blocked ESPN, then the ESPN should ban dallas!" (Rosen)相关的主题文章:

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