Genetically modified crops, the Ministry of agriculture officials said the person who can not contro plants war

By , November 15, 2017 5:11 pm

GM frequent illicit cultivation agriculture ministry official said no to the responsible person of the Department in charge of GM – Sohu News — the Ministry of agriculture, no matter quite turn faction, or reverse faction, are quite critical. The phenomenon of illegal cultivation of genetically modified crops recently seized, and press the gourd dipper float "transgenic rumors and irrational remarks in the minds of some people, the official authority is challenged. But behind this increasingly awkward role, China has to face the reality. For example, regulatory and enforcement difficulties. In China, the level of genetically modified regulatory system, including 12 functional departments, although the ministerial level joint meeting of co-ordination, but it is difficult to avoid the situation is not in place timely supervision. In the process of law enforcement, and even the use of illegal means of individual enterprises to carry out the test, a number of illegal companies and individuals, in various forms to evade or take action to obstruct the situation. The day before, in the national media reporter transgenic seminar, Ministry of agriculture, science and education division of GMO Safety and intellectual property Commissioner Lin Xiangming also reluctantly said, "now only through the law enforcement departments of agriculture staff every day in the field investigation, if not stopped fundamentally, I’m afraid difficult to continue." Lin Xiangming’s function in this sector includes GM security management. He mentioned that the most important factor in the regulation of genetically modified R & D units. At present, the scattered scattered incidents are related to R & D units. The reason why the strict supervision of foreign countries, that is, only a few large companies in the United States in the development of transgenic technology, invested hundreds of millions of dollars, to assume full risk management, is responsible for dealing with the end. And the advantages of large-scale foreign operations, but also to make it easier to monitor some. The most important question for the supervision units: recent media reports, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang illegal planting phenomenon, will not have the scientific research institutions into the market environment through the release of this link? Lin Xiangming: as I said before, R & D units of supervision is the most important. At present, all the events are related to R & D units. Some R & D units deliberately, or even stolen from abroad, the purpose is to pursue personal business interests. For example, planting crops, farm foreign market sales of crops, to get the domestic production, through technical means can show the parents. Normally speaking, it is not allowed to clearance, but to the huge number of passengers in and out of the search, but also difficult. There are some people who are working in the United States, the seeds of the company, the more direct direct parents back home for breeding. Q: the foreign measures taken in transgenic regulation? Lin Xiangming: the reason why foreign GM regulation do better in the United States, only a few large companies in the development of transgenic technology, investment is often tens of millions of dollars or even hundreds of millions of dollars. In this way, the company is equivalent to the risk management of genetically modified all bear down. If there is a risk, caused by pollution incidents, etc., are responsible for dealing with the end. Therefore, the regulation of foreign countries to be much more stringent. Of course, their advantage in foreign countries is the scale of operations, such as the United States does not allow the emergence of 60 hectares (900 acres) of the following farms,.相关的主题文章:

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