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By , November 17, 2017 10:11 pm

Generation of talented people leading to see how Audi future fun new technology – Sohu automobile Sohu automobile beam [] speaking of Audi, the first impression was slightly larger in the minds of friends may be the "official car" word. Indeed, as the first to enter the China a number of car brands, Audi is indeed dead earlier this year to the domestic high-end car market has injected vigor, from the earliest Audi 100, Audi 200 and later entered the domestic A6, A6L Extended Edition (Audi is also the first to introduce the concept of L car prices), the calm the style and atmosphere of the officialdom culture Chinese time Audi brand agree without prior without previous consultation, the appeal began to spread all over the streets and lanes. Of course, the "official car" is just a big impression to people in earlier years, in fact, it has a famous name – "lamp factory". In many parts of the vehicle lights are only a class, but it can play tricks, but also hit off non Audi perfectly, from the earliest to OLED small lamp kerosene lamp, Audi was given more spiritual and sense of science and technology. The era of the future must be diversified development, the car also had a simple means of transport, the future we should strive to do more things in the car, at this point, some manufacturers have the foresight of unique, Audi has been in the 2025’s own strategy put forward the theme of development, sustainable development, digital the city. It will launch a new technology car what future fun, then we start over the weekend on the Audi Brand Summit in beitou. The moon sounds like a wonderful idea, of course, this is not a myth, nor Arabian Nights, after all Americans have decades ago accomplished this feat. But it is easier said than done, boomy old beauty also tilt the national force to complete. And now Audi is going to launch the lunar rover, Are you kidding this is not a joke, after all, Audi to engage in the news of the lunar rover is not a day two days. At the summit, the lunar rover was once again displayed. It is reported that this is a result of Part-Time Scientists space engineering team collaboration and Audi and Germany, called Lunar Quattro, the lunar rover on the moon in 2017, that here we have to look at it in the end is where sacred. From the structure, the moon looks like is the application of the principle of bionics, "there are two stereo camera head on both sides, placed in the middle of a scientific analysis of camera of lunar surface material, the top is a piece of solar panels provide energy, the most important is the lunar rover weighs only 35 kg. As we all know, aerospace is a small size, low quality, low energy consumption". The lightweight is also very important, the lunar rover is the main material used in aluminum alloy, which is the main material for the manufacture of automobiles. Audi’s AFS space frame technology won the European invention award of the year". Since there is a test of skill and can withstand aerospace materials, it also marks the lightweight technology of Audi has reached a pinnacle..相关的主题文章:

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