Gdansk Bank of Japan is expected to continue to cut interest rates in Japan

By , May 2, 2018 1:29 pm

Gdansk: Bank of Japan is expected to continue to cut interest rates in Japan where the FX168 news Danske Bank (Danske) on Wednesday (February 17th) wrote that Japan is still a great risk of deflation, Bank of Japan (BOJ) will cut interest rates by 20 basis points in March meeting, so as to improve the weak economy and low wage growth. Price forecast Danske bank dollar yen after 1 months from 118 down to 115. In the short term, the Bank of Japan’s fear of weakness through monetary policy to curb the yen, because the yen will continue to be effective support fundamentals, such as increasing the current account surplus and other factors. Price forecast Danske bank dollar yen after 3 months from 120 down to 116. (short-term forecasting, USDJPY in source: eFX, News, FX168 Danske bank financial network) over the long term, the Japanese government’s financial difficulties may raise the possibility that the April 2017 tax is increasingly high, which could make the yen again turn, especially when the Federal Reserve (FED) may further raise interest rates in September. In summary, the deviation of the central bank’s monetary policy will continue, dollar yen will moderate medium-term rebound forecast dollar yen in 6 to 12 months will rise to around 119. Beijing time 01:23, U.S. dollar yen 114.18. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

丹斯克:日本央行料将继续降息 美 日路在何方   FX168讯 丹斯克银行(Danske)周三(2月17日)撰文称,日本通缩风险依然很大,预计日本央行(BOJ)将于3月份会议上降息20个基点,从而改善疲软的经济形势以及较低的薪资增长。   丹斯克银行将美元 日元1个月后的预测价位从118下调至115。   短期而言,日本央行恐无力通过货币政策来抑制日元走高,因日元仍将受到基本面状况的有效支撑,例如不断增加的经常帐盈余等因素。   丹斯克银行将美元 日元3个月后的预测价位从120下调至116。   (美元 日元中短期预测,来源:丹斯克银行、eFX News、FX168财经网)   长期来看,日本政府的财政困难可能令2017年4月调升增值税的可能性日趋高涨,这可能令日元走势再度转向,尤其是当美联储(FED)仍可能在9月实施进一步加息。   综上所述,由于央行货币政策的背离现象仍将持续,美元 日元中期将适度回升,预测美元 日元在6至12个月内将涨至119附近。   北京时间01:23,美元 日元报114.18。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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