Gates advised Microsoft not to buy slack, so Microsoft developed its competitors splitit

By , November 17, 2017 10:54 pm

Gates advised Microsoft not to acquire Slack, so Microsoft developed its competitors BI Chinese station on September 7th reported that in March this year, there are reports that Microsoft is considering the price of $8 billion acquisition of workplace chat applications Slack. However, Microsoft co-founder Bill · (Bill) does not support the acquisition of (Gates) program. Gates believes that the best way for Microsoft is to make good use of Skype, and its development into Slack’s competitors. Microsoft bought Skype in 2011 for $8 billion 500 million. At present, Microsoft accepted Gates’s proposal. Focus on Microsoft’s blog MSPoweruser reported that Microsoft is testing a new tool Skype Teams, and this tool looks very similar to Slack, and brings at least an important optimization. Similar to Slack, Skype Teams provides a "channel", that is, for different departments, such as sales, marketing and product sectors chat room. An important difference lies in the "thread type conversation". This feature makes the session organization very similar to the Facebook review. In other ways, Skype Teams and Slack provide a similar environment, for example, can be directly from the chat window to make voice calls. MSPoweruser provides a screenshot of Skype Teams, allegedly these screenshots from Microsoft employees. In addition, MSPoweruser also reported that Skype Teams will enter the monthly payment of the Office 365 suite, and perhaps will also launch an independent version. For Microsoft, the move is reasonable. Slack has made rapid development in the field of business software. In addition, Microsoft has been exploring new ways to attract enterprises to upgrade to Office 365. Office 365 can give the company a higher per user revenue. Slack is very popular in start-up companies and small and medium sized companies, but encountered difficulties in the development of large enterprise market. Due to the lack of necessary security and compliance functions, similar to the Uber company eventually abandoned the Slack, select its main rival Atlassian HipChat. Thus, although Slack has been a favorite of Silicon Valley, but Microsoft’s corporate service experience and professionalism will remain an important competitive advantage. Microsoft spokesman said that Microsoft is always in the development and testing of new solutions to help users collaborate to complete more work". However, Microsoft declined to comment on Skype Teams. (compiled by Li Wei) (U.S. Business Insider works related to the rights and interests of Chinese exclusive Tencent Inc all. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. WeChat public number: BI Chinese station]相关的主题文章:

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