Gansu to strengthen poverty audit zero tolerance cheat poverty alleviation and other illegal activit winavi video converter

By , November 16, 2017 4:51 pm

Gansu to strengthen the audit of "zero tolerance" for poverty alleviation of poverty relief funds and other illegal activities – Beijing new network in Lanzhou in August 26, (Du Ping) Gansu provincial government office before the date of disclosure, found in poverty alleviation in the audit of the abuse of power, self dealing, money, cheat poverty and related agricultural funds, dereliction of duty, corruption and bribery etc. crime, should always adhere to the "zero tolerance", resolutely investigate and punish. At present, Gansu is still one of the main battlefield of national poverty, poverty of the poor population, deep poverty situation has not fundamentally changed, the remaining poverty reduction cost more, out of poverty more difficult, poverty alleviation and development has entered kenyinggutou and crucial pulling village "sprint. The poverty alleviation funds is poor masses "money" and "life insurance", is poverty alleviation of poverty "booster", a dime can not squandering. To this end, Gansu issued a notice on Further Strengthening the poverty alleviation audit to promote poverty alleviation project one policy implementation notice. Gansu pointed out that to adhere to the law of audit, seriously investigate the damage state and the interests of the people, a major violation of law, their duties are not in place, serious waste of significant losses, significant risks and other issues. But also give full play to the role of audit supervision, check the deep investigation of all kinds of illegal, discipline, violations, serious accountability, and promote the use of poverty alleviation funds poor counties. The focus of poverty alleviation policy implementation, including capital management, poverty alleviation and other three aspects. In the management of funds, to promote all kinds of agricultural funds focus on poverty alleviation, continue to limit the fiscal agricultural funds for specific purposes or interference to co-ordinate the integration of the use of funds, money can not buy soy sauce vinegar "and" earmarking "as an excuse, caused by long-term funds lying difficult to play utility problem in the accounts, we must resolutely investigate and resolutely exposure. In order to guarantee the precise poverty precision air plant, Gansu poverty alleviation policy requirements, the audit should focus on poverty alleviation poverty reduction plan, annual plan, project layout, capital investment, especially to promote the implementation of the use of poor counties to co-ordinate the integration of fiscal agricultural funds related policies, not only to promote the "change" into "the money", "money" into "live money", but also to promote the "money", "money" timely and full use of poor people out of poverty, improve the effectiveness of poverty alleviation. Gansu proposed audit should focus on poverty alleviation poverty alleviation task is completed, the effect of poverty alleviation project, poor benefit poverty alleviation effect, whether in accordance with standard procedures to adjust the use of funds, whether the funds actually used on poverty alleviation and development. The key to expose the reality, blind decision, and lack of subsequent management and protection and other causes of poverty alleviation projects after the completion of disuse, caused heavy losses and waste. At the same time, poor audit should pay close attention to the new situations and problems of poverty alleviation and development work, reveal and reflect the obstacles hindering the implementation of policies and measures, restricting capital integration of system and system defects, timely put forward suggestions to improve the system mechanism. Poverty alleviation auditing supervision object points, a wide range of capacity, Gansu will be the annual audit of key departments and key links, the general unit of round trial, do the audit supervision "does not stay dead, leaving a blank". (end)相关的主题文章:

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